30 years Noorderlicht @ MartiniPlaza

© Robert Lyons, from the series ‘Another Africa’
festival ‘De Hof van Eden’

30 years Noorderlicht: A look back
till 20 December, 2019

“In 1990, a group of driven photo lovers decided to build a photo party in Groningen, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of what was then called the USVA Photogallery. This turned into the first Noorderlicht festival. Noorderlicht grew, became a professional, internationally appreciated organisation with the entire North of the Netherlands as its primary working field and a broad range of activities.”

In MartiniPlaza work is shown from:
Danwen Xing (CH) | Scarlett Hooft Graafland (NL) | Catherine Nelson (AU) | Anders Petersen (SE) | Adrienne van Eekelen (NL) | Harry Cock (NL) | Phil Hastings (VS) | Aziz & Cucher (VS/PE) | Marcos López (AR) | Patrick Willocq (BE) | Rommert Boonstra (NL) | Kahn & Selesnick (UK/GB) | Carlos Spottorno (ES) | Peter Voigt (DE) | Thibault Brunet (FR) | Mark Peterson (VS) | Pedro Motta (BR) | Olaf Otto Becker (DE) | Katrin Koenning (AU) | Alice Wielinga (NL) | James Nakagawa (VS) | Katarina Radovic (RS) | Eduardo Leal (PT) | Jackie Nickerson (GB) | Robert Lyons (VS) | Yevgeniy Pavlov (UA) | Alejandro Chaskielberg (AR) | Kirill Golovchenko (UA) | Philip Kwame Apagya (GH)| Fernando Moleres (IT) | Van Leo (EG) | Tom Fecht (DE) | José Luis Cuevas (MX) | Ken Schles (VS) | Luc Forsyth (CA) | Jean-Claude Moschetti (FR) | Stephen Dupont (AU) | Tomasz Tomaszewski (PL)

Leonard Springerlaan 2
9727 KB Groningen | NL

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Frank Hamrick @ Morris Museum of Art

“Like a ship on the. Cumberland River”
© 2019 Frank Hamrick

Frank Hamrick: It was there all along
July 31 – October 6, 2019

Morris Museum of Art
1 Tenth Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901

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Billy Monk @ The Container

Billy Monk: Defiance and Decadence Under Apartheid
21 October, 2019 – 6 January, 2020

Opening reception: 21 October, 19:30-21:30

“Defiance and Decadence Under Apartheid, the exhibition of Billy Monk at The Container, launches for the first time the photographer’s works in Asia (we have featured the same exhibition also in Hong Kong, with our partners Boogie Woogie Photography). The selection of photographs for this exhibition is unique: some are from the original series presented in 1982 at the Market Gallery, some are from a newer series shown in 2019 by the Billy Monk Collection, and some, are showcased for the very first time—images that have never been exhibited before anywhere in the world. ”

The Container
1-8-30 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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SANDRA KANTANEN @ Northern Photographic Centre

SANDRA KANTANEN: More Landscapes
21 Sept – 27 Oct 2019

“It’s not a coincidence that the subject of Kantanen’s photography is nature. She studied traditional landscape painting in China at the beginning of this century and spent time in the nature too: “I climbed all their holy mountains looking for an image that turned out to only exist in my head.” The current state of the nature in China differs greatly from the traditional imaginery. In her artworks Kantanen also comments on the way we portray nature.”

Northern Photographic Centre
Hallituskatu 7 · Oulu 90100 · Finland

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Sarker Protick @ iMPACT DOC

Sarker Protick ‘Of River and Lost Lands’
20 September – 27 October 2019

“At first, the place seems abandoned; drowned, broken houses and floating trees are all that remains. These are traces of life that were once here. As the series continues, the land and the people come into view and find their place in the story. Together they portray a complex relationship between nature and human beings that is intimate yet ruthless, defined by dependency and destruction. ”

Keizersgracht 166B
1015 CZ, Amsterdam

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KEN KITANO: Gathering Light @ IBASHO Gallery

KEN KITANO: Gathering Light
14 September – 20 October 2019

“In the series “Flow and Fusion” Kitano captured the cityscape of Tokyo by means of a slow shutter speed during the 1990’s, which was a kind of apocalyptic period of such events such as the bursting of the Japanese bubble economy, the Great Hanshin Earthquake, and the terrorist actions of the Aum religious cult. This series can be seen as a trajectory of Kitano’s exploration of the border between ‘self’ and ‘others’. By witnessing the dynamism of people’s movement and lives, Kitano created a heightened realism of the communal, public environments he photographed questioning the role of human existence, including himself.”

IBASHO Gallery
Tolstraat 67,
2000 Antwerp

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Peter Hujar @ Pace/MacGill Gallery

Peter Hujar: Master Class
September 14 – October 19, 2019

Opening Saturday, September 14

Pace/MacGill Gallery
540 W. 25th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001

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Dinesh Boaz: AT 1000 FEET @ Robin Rice Gallery

Dinesh Boaz: AT 1000 FEET
November 6 – January 5, 2020

“Flying well away from the world below, Boaz holds an eye in the sky. With it, he surveys terrain and develops concepts in real time as colors and textures flood into sight during each ride. Working under the throbbing sounds of the propellers overhead, Boaz directs the pilot over radio and creates spontaneous images of calm amidst chaos. In speaking of his method, he explains, “I seek out sound in my photos; I look to find those symbiotic patterns and fast-changing colors that play together in rhythm, similar to the layers that make up a beat.” Through this unique process, Boaz discovers a synesthetic harmony in each photograph just as he would if he was visualizing music on a track.”

Robin Rice Gallery
325 W 11TH ST NYC 10014

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Immigrants @ Soho Photo Gallery

© Photograph by Peter Turnley, July, 2006, Tijuana, Mexico.

September 30 – October 19, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION Tuesday, October 1, from 6-8 p.m

“Twelve artists have been brought together to explore stories from across the globe and across history – the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and beyond, from the 19th century to the present. The images they have created tell of people on the move, some by choice and many not, some motivated simply by a desire for a better life, many driven by extreme violence and poverty: Syrians in refugee camps; Haitian immigrants; Yazidi women, former ISIS slaves, establishing new lives in Canada; people on the road north from Central America; immigrants living both legally and without status in the United States. ”

The featured photographers:
Peter Turnley Refugees | F. Emmanuel Bastien We Will Survive: A New Life After Being an ISIS Slave | Diana Bejarano Letters From My Exile | Sarah Corbin Remembrance | Marc Hors Portraits of Dignity | Ellen Jacob Us Against the Wall*
Leslie Jean-Bart Reality & Imagination | Alain Licari Me Dicen El Migrante
Pierre-Yves Linot We the Immigrants | Cathy Wilson Ramin Lines Drawn
Paul Stetzer Becoming New York | Francisco Uceda Mojados

Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street, New York, NY 10013

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Lydia Panas @ Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Lydia Panas – “better organized,” like a tropical storm
August 17 – September 27, 2019

Reception: Thursday, September 12, 5 -7 pm

“Taking its title from a short story by renowned American writer Lydia Davis,
Lucas brings together works that present a complex, disarming feminine power –
both mysterious and sophisticated. Lydia Panas, Maya Varadaraj, and Amy Wilson
depict women in palpable states of vulnerability and self-possession. Like a
tropical storm concentrating its efforts, each subject confronts the
viewer with anticipatory energy.”

Center for Emerging Visual Artists
The Barclay, 237 South 18th Street, Suite 3A
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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