Multiple Proof @ Lillie Art Gallery

© Natalia Poniatowska

Multiple Proof
24 March – 19 April

“Multiple Proof feautres work by 6 artists/image-makers embracing a diversity of approaches to the photographic image, in terms of techniques and themes. The photograph as document and as art form – from street photography using the iPhone, cameraless image-making, landscape and still life – themes embraced include new topographies, the search or yearning for home, as well as insights into the everyday, both the extraordinary and the banal. All of the work celebrates, to some degree, the technical and material properties of photography. ”

Exhibition includes Paul Walton, Zoe Hamill, Colin Templeton, Natalia Poniatowska, Alex Burch and Geneva Sills.

Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie

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Ed van der Elsken @ Howard Greenberg Gallery

Vali Myers in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris, 1951
Gelatin silver print; printed c.1980

Ed van der Elsken: “Love” & Other Stories
March 22 – May 5, 2018

“With a confident, gritty, and unconventional style, van der Elsken’s confrontational portraits of young love, alienation, and counterculture bohemian life paved the way for late 20th century photographers such as Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, and Wolfgang Tillmans. He is best known for his iconic photography book, Love on the Left Bank, 1954, acclaimed for expanding the boundaries of documentary photography. His work was most recently seen last year in a retrospective exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, which traveled to the Jeu de Paume in Paris and the Fundación Mapfre in Madrid.”

Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406, New York

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Gayle Chong Kwan @ William Morris Gallery

Gayle Chong Kwan: The People’s Forest
3 March – 20 May 2018

“The People’s Forest includes a series of photographic ‘forest portraits’ of people who have a special relationship with the forest, taken at sites that have a personal resonance for them. The subjects include conservation arborists who manage the Forest, a Forest Keeper and guide, a circus-trained aerialist who does her stretches in the forest, and an allotment holder with a plot on the edge of the forest. Chong Kwan photographs her sitters wearing sculptural headdresses created from photographic images of the forest complete with root, branch, and tendril-like forms cut directly into the surface. The headdresses are presented as three-dimensional sculptural works in the show. The works are informed by William Morris’ passion for the medieval epics, which he enacted during childhood play in Epping Forest, and the artist’s interest in the visual management and artifice of the Forest landscape.”

William Morris Gallery
Walthamstow, London

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John Cyr @ Elizabeth Houston Gallery

John Cyr: Developer Trays
March 28 – May 5 , 2 0 1 8

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 28th from 7-9pm

“The developer tray is the most unassuming of objects, and Cyr insists upon that quiet objecthood. Photographing in a uniform style, the artist is uncanny in his ability to capture its painterly abstractions and the materiality of its functional construction. This is a technique that, paradoxically, reveals the intimacy of personal artistic practice and the gravity of photographic history writ large. Cyr sought out photographers, some iconic, others virtually unknown beyond the hallowed halls of the academy, to capture a collective moment on the verge of oblivion. That moment, of course, was not slight. For over 100 years, the unobtrusive tray had held forth as the standard bearer of silver gelatin printing. We do well to remember that the developer tray had long withstood the obsolescence to which technology in our time seems perennially fated. A printer himself, Cyr is uniquely attuned to the evidence the developer tray holds as an implement of private practice. Its hues and marks are loaded.”

Elizabeth Houston Gallery
190 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

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Bruno V. Roels @ Howard Greenberg Gallery

A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree (Palmographs), 2018
Composition of 72 gelatin silver prints, 183 x 114 cm. Unique.

Bruno V. Roels: A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree
March 22 – May 5, 2018

“A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree, a play on Gertrude Stein’s line of verse “a rose is a rose is a rose,” explores the multiplicity of the iconic palm tree in photographic repetition and variation. Of his instantly-recognizable and internationally symbolic muse, Roels has said, “Every palm tree is alike, and looks the same no matter what its location. Each is different, though, as each is shaped by the events of its location.” He has photographed palm trees predominantly in the south of Europe.”

Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406, New York

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Wendy Ewald @ Steven Kasher Gallery

Wendy Ewald: Works, Projects, Collaborations 1975 – 1996
April 19th-June 2nd, 2018

“The exhibition features over 70 black and white vintage prints from seven of Ewald’s earliest projects. It begins with her first extended collaboration in Kentucky in 1975 and includes projects from Mexico (1991), India (1989-1991), the Netherlands (1996), Columbia (1982-1985), South Africa (1992) and Morocco (1995). For over 40 years, Ewald has traveled the globe as part of a sustained and evolving artistic and educational project. In each new location, Ewald begins by addressing the conceptual, formal, and narrative aspects of photography with her students, as well as making portraits of them. She teaches them to use the camera, many for the first time. Leaving the subject matter open, the children are free to explore societal issues that are relevant to their communities, including race, class, and gender. The results are poetic and vibrant portraits that reveal intimate connections between her students and their worlds.”

Steven Kasher Gallery
515 W. 26th St., New York, NY 10001

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Book Review: New York Edited. Out of Place

From the series “The electromagnetics of a teenage reality” © Jazmin Chase

Every year, the photographers of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, develop stunning photo series which get then edited by the photo editors class of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie (OKS), in Berlin. Through twelve stories, this book tells us about loss, change and new beginnings

© Kanuko Esther Asano


A group of Bag Pipers play at a special service to remember the live of the victims of the 1993 bombings to the World Trade Center, where six people lost their lives. of officers at the entrance of the memorial plaza look at the new One World Trade Center Tower. New York, 2017.


© Kanuko Esther Asano


January 07, 2017 – Paterson, New Jersey: Squatters take shelter in an abandoned silk mill. Temperatures were around 15F. © Todd R Darling

In side streets, remote neighborhoods, backyards and everyday life, we meet people whose stories are completely unknown to newspaper headlines. Off the beaten tracks and tourist attractions, the New Yorkers are looking for their place in the city. 

The desire to belong to a community constantly drives people, despite adverse circumstances, to keep engaging with the ever changing environment. The search for one’s own home in the social mainstream leads to the construction of parallel worlds, to the reinvention of one’s self and to the creation of places that should substitute something.

Out of Place approaches through different photographic takes the lives and fates of very different people and accompanies them in the search for their place in the city.

© Natassia Kantorowicz Torres


April 08, 2017 – Paterson, New Jersey: On Palm Sunday a boy marches for peace through the 1st and 4th ward. The wards are notorious for gun violence and an ongoing feud referred to as ‘Up the Hill Down the Hill’ because of the geographic positioning of the wards to each other.


Felipe Rodriguez took a stroll in Bushwick, Brooklyn on February 4, 2017.

This year, with Out of Place, under the direction of Nadja Masri, the photo editors` class of the OKS will be publishing the seventh edition of the book series New York Edited. The class is held at one of the few institutions where a certificate can be earned and students are trained to be picture editors.

The book is available at the erster erster website, and the book will be available at 25books (Brunnenstraße 152, Berlin-Mitte, Germany) starting mid-February. For more information about the program at OKS, please click here.

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REY PARLÁ @ Benrubi Gallery

REY PARLÁ: Multiplicities
March 22 – May 12 , 2018

“In Multiplicities, Parlá blurs the line between the image and the process, between intuition and surprise. The resulting works reflect the viewer’s psyche and the artist’s subconscious. Parlá’s work is reminiscent of Lucas Samaras’s scratched Polaroids or Stan Brakhage’s hand-painted films, filled with dynamic fluid forms that continually invite and rebuff identification and interpretation. Párla’s mixed-media approach towards identity and interest in pluralism and doing away with boundaries is evident in works like Shaped By Desire (2016) or Out of Time Again from his Kinetic Lumino series (2018).”

Benrubi Gallery
521 West 26th Street, Floor 2

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Steve Fitch @ photo-eye Gallery

Steve Fitch: Vanishing Vernacular
Mar 30 – May 19, 2018

Exhibition Opening & Artist Reception: Friday, March 30th 5–7 PM
The Book Signing: Saturday, May 12th 2 – 4pm

“Vanishing Vernacular features a selection of color works by photographer Steve Fitch focusing primarily on the distinctive, idiosyncratic, and evolving features of the western roadside landscape including topologies of neon motel signs, drive-in movie theaters, radio towers, and ancient rock pictographs. photo-eye Gallery is also proud to display Fitch’s large-scale murals for the first time in Santa Fe.”

photo-eye Gallery
541 Guadalupe Street
Santa Fe NM, 87501

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Sarah Bahbah @ Castle Fitzjohns Gallery

Sarah Bahbah “Fuck me, Fuck you”
10th – 24th March

“”Fuck Me, Fuck You”, Bahbah’s first NY solo show, showcases some of her most popular series since her breakthrough in 2014. Following in the footsteps of Sherman and Leibovitz, Bahbah has her own unique perspective on creating a narrative through the lens. She cleverly uses text to bring her narrative’s to life, expertly portraying the mindset of the, empowered, independent and freely indulgent young woman of the 21st century.”

Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
98 Orchard Street, New York, NY
New York, NY 10002

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