Christian Vogt @ Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

Self-release, 2003, The Flaxen Diary series, Pigment print, 100 x 129 cm, edition of 3
© Christian Vogt, courtesy Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

Christian Vogt: The longer I look
06.09 – 20.10.2018

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
36 rue Falguière
75015 Paris – France
+33 9 51 51 24 50

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Brian Griffin @ Street Level Photoworks

Brian Griffin: POP
21st July 2018 until 16th September 2018

Walk & Talk, Book Signing followed by the reception Saturday 21st July 2018, 2-4pm

“‘POP’ is a comprehensive exploration of the music photography of Brian Griffin shot for album covers, single sleeves, posters and press. First issued as a book in late 2017, the body of work includes over 160 record covers from more than 100 bands and musicians including many which are previously unpublished – including Ian Dury, The Clash, Depeche Mode, Echo And The Bunnymen, Iggy Pop Kate Bush, The Specials, Elvis Costello and many more.”

Street Level Photoworks
Trongate 103
Glasgow, G1 5HD
United Kingdom

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GDT International Nature Photography Festival 26 – 28 October 2018 Lunen Germany

image: Carlton Ward Jr.

GDT International Nature Photography Festival
26 – 28 October 2018


Gunther Wegner: Timelapse photography – Basics and the ‘Holy Grail’ – day/night transitions in timelapse
Canon seminar with Radomir Jakubowski: Modern nature photography – Planning, packing, setting, photographing
Olympus seminar with Paul Kornacker and Andreas Geh: Your Olympus camera – From the idea to the perfect image and Presenting Photo Shows with m.objects


Espen Bergersen (NO) – Sebastian Hennigs, GDT (DE) – Birgit Potthoff, GDT (DE) – Wilfried Vogel, GDT (DE) – Project Wildes Ruhrgebiet (DE) – Theo Bosboom, GDT (NL) – Javier Aznar González de Rueda (ES) – Jo-Anne McArthur (CA) – Gunter Wegner (DE) – Carlton Ward Jr. (US) – GDT regional group Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt (DE) – Klaus Nigge, GDT (DE) – Milan Radisics (HU) – Bruno D’Amicis, GDT (IT) – Dorin Bofan (RO) – Christoph Kaula & Jessica Winter, GDT (DE)

More info:

event centre Heinz Hilpert Theatre / Hansesaal
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 39-41, 44532 Lünen, Germany

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Fred W. McDarrah @ Steven Kasher Gallery

Fred W. McDarrah, Leroi Jones, Diane di Prima in Central Tavern on University Place, April 5, 1960

Fred W. McDarrah: New York Scenes
September 20th – November 15th, 2018

“The exhibition features 100 vintage black and white prints that span the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. The show features McDarrah’s most iconic images alongside never-before-seen work from his extensive archive.”

Steven Kasher Gallery
515 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

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Aaron McIntosh @ Window (Re/production | Re/presentation)

Image: Aaron McIntosh, Road to Tennessee

Aaron McIntosh: Road to Tennessee
July 16 – October 26, 2018

Reception With the Artist + Sidewalk Art Talk July 26th, 2-3 pm

“Road to Tennessee is composed equally of a photographic image and a patchwork quilt. Such dualities find their way into my work from many angles. Flipping through a gay erotic magazine, the image of a man amid a woodland scene caught my eye and instantly reminded me of the shallow creek beds and wooded foothills of my idyllic childhood in rural Tennessee. In stark contrast, the nude man at the center of this scene confronts my adult sexuality. The image is complex for me and begs an intervention: the porno guy is cut away so I can be filled in. His absence leaves only the echo of landscape, and here I embed unfinished patchwork, both a marker of my traditional craft background and a symbol of my own pieced-together identity. Aptly named “Road to Tennessee”, this specific quilt pattern has a cage, or net-like appearance, which I cannot help but connect to my own feelings of being trapped in my personal journey to/from home.” (Aaron McIntosh)

Window (Re/production | Re/presentation)
54 Broadway, Asheville, NC

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photo+sphere, November 7–11, 2018 Asheville, North Carolina

image: K Baden

November 7–11, 2018

“A city-wide event, photo+sphere brings artists, photographers, filmmakers, environmentalists, and climate scientists together to engage the public through exhibitions, panel talks, film screenings, and a roster of nationally recognized keynote presenters. ”

photo+sphere Team Events
Living In the Anthropocene Age—a film series exploring, challenging and inspiring human interactions related to the environment.

Altering Nature: Pictures of a Changing Environment—an exhibition of new photography by ten contemporary artists investigating the human impact on our natural surroundings, and the implications of that impact on the future.

Sonic Retreat—a workshop in the Smoky Mountains collecting field recordings, video and photographs culminating in a collaborative event.

Picturing Purity—an exhibition looking at purity myths. From the untouched female virgin, to the uninhabited pristine forest; these myths construct an untouchable other in tension with a lustful outsider. Photographers, new media artists, video artists are invited to submit proposals.

The Cloud Library­—a photographic exhibit, archive, and resource center focused on the physics and poetics of clouds in art, science, technology, and the imagination.

Immersive Visualization: The Cosmos, Earth, and Anthropocene—a series of immersive virtual-reality experiences in the Geodome™ Theater.

Asheville, North Carolina
For more info

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Peter Ydeen @ Saint Joseph’s University

Peter Ydeen “Easton Nights”
August 20th through September 25th, 2018

“Easton Nights is a story of an American city which begins with the world often seen as mundane, only to reveal cascading layers of mystical stages infused with a timeless romance. Backyards, car lots, trucks, houses, signs and facelessToyotas work together forming surreal environments one might expect in a Guillermo del Toro film or possibly the animated energy found in a Burchfield landscape. With its unique color wheel and ambient lights, the night isolates and then amplifies our curious environment giving homage to what we often ignore

This story centers on Easton, but encompasses the entire Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania as well as the sister town of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. With a population of almost one million, the area has no real downtown, or urban center. Instead it is a grouping of many small towns, many Main Streets, and many nationalities. This together with a history dating back to the Revolution creates a microcosm both unique and typical; a fascinating cross-section of Americana.”

Saint Joseph’s University
University Gallery – Merion Hall – Maguire Campus
355 Latches Lane, Merion Station, Pennsylvania

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Masahisa Fukase @ Foam

Untitled 1985, from the series Raven Scenes © Masahisa Fukase Archives

Masahisa Fukase – Private Scenes
7 September – 12 December 2018

“Fukase incorporated his personal struggle with loss and depression into his work in a surprisingly playful manner. His subjects are personal and highly intimate: over the years, his wife Yoko, his dying father and his beloved cat Sasuke regularly featured in sometimes comical, at other times sombre visual narratives. Towards the end of this working life, the photographer increasingly turned the camera on himself. The huge number of self-portraits – precursors to today’s ubiquitous selfie – testifies to the singular, almost obsessive way that the artist related to his surroundings, and to himself. ”

Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam

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To Know A Stranger @ Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York

To Know A Stranger: ICP-Bard MFA 2018 Thesis Exhibition
July 11 – August 4, 2018

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 11, 6-8PM

“To Know a Stranger is an exhibition of new works by the MFA 2018 graduates from the International Center of Photography-Bard College MFA program in Advanced Photographic Studies. Artists included are Timothy Briner, Naima Green, Kaz Senju, Daniel Valentin, Tino, and Naiwen Zhang”

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York
126 Baxter Street · New York, NY 10013 · USA

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The Moment is Eternity @ Collectors Room Berlin

The Moment is Eternity:Works from the Olbricht Collection
26. September 2018 – 01. April 2019

“Transience is one of the key themes of the Olbricht Collection. And what artistic medium other than photography could be better suited to addressing the questions of time and history that this theme throws up? Lending duration to the moment is inscribed into the very medium itself. In this property, art and philosophy come together. Ever since Antiquity, eternity has been described as timeless, and it is in this sense that Goethe equates the moment with eternity in his poem ‘Vermächtnis’ (Legacy, 1830). For humanity, the moment is the only perceptible slice of eternity.”

Collectors Room Berlin / Stiftung Olbricht
Auguststraße 68, 10117 Berlin

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