December 2018 Exhibition @ Soho Photo Gallery

© Peter Agron

December 2018 Exhibition
December 5 – 29, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 from 6pm to 8pm

Peter Agron – unimportant works on paper
F. Emmanuel Bastien – Get Your Hands Dirty
Leslie Hanes – Déjà Rȇvé (Dreamed Before)/2.0
Austin Jensen – Tributaries: A Tribute to the Hudson River
Bob Leonard – Urban Patterns
John Mancia – Stillness and Light
Martin E. Rich – Siamese Surprises

Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street, New York, NY 10013

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PHOTO IS:RAEL November 22 – December 1 Tel Aviv

Photo: Michal Chelbin, International Photography Festival, 2018

November 22 – December 1, 2018

“The International Photography Festival is Israel’s largest photography evet and will take place for the 6th time this year. The Festival has long become an art institution that draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. From November 22nd to December 1st the Festival will feature 40 international exhibitions by the finest photographers in Israel and the world, including performances, video art, music and more. ”

For more info:

Golf Complex | Tel Aviv

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Book Review: Mistral: The Legendary Wind of Provence by Rachel Cobb

Mistral Wedding

It’s been years since I’ve last been to Provence but glancing through the pages of this exquisitely done tome I feel immediately transported back in time. Not only because of what the photos show but also because I know (for I see only what I know) that they were taken in Southern France where I had spent some time in my younger years.

How does one photograph the wind? Photographer Rachel Cobb, writes Bill Buford in his excellent introduction, “wasn’t actually photographing the wind as such, but its effects. She was looking for images so aerodynamically impacted that we, like onlookers sheltered nearby, could feel the invisible force, just as her subjects felt it. She wanted us to shiver and sink our heads into our necks and hold ourselves in our own arms.”

I could indeed feel “the invisible force, just as her subjects felt it.” And, I was once again awe-struck that photographs can make visible what can’t be seen. Also, I could clearly sense that I’m not a wind-lover – there is way too much foehn where I live.

Mistral Birds:
Devino-vent is a Provençal word that means a wind diviner. These forecasters were dead birds, usually martins, that had been dried and hung on strings in the kitchens of farmhouses.

I especially loved how Buford describes Cobb’s failed attempt to capture the moment when a hat was leaving the head of a man or how she, “the photographer of discomfort” (what a brilliant way to put it!), missed the mistral ruining a wedding.

Also, I felt most intrigued that Rachel Cobb opted for still images in lieu of video for catching the wind. Although the moving picture records motion, it is the still photograph that makes us aware of time. In the words of Bill Buford: “This book’s uniqueness for me, is in the achievement of its still images: still images of a subject in accelerated motion. It seems more like memory. It seems more like the way our brain understands disorder. I don’t have videos in my head. I have cognitive pictures. And now I have these.”

The photos come without captions but Rachel Cobb added notes on some of the images. And, there are also short texts, all of them relating to the wind, by Émile Zola, Jean Giono, René Char, Friedrich Nietzsche, Paul Auster, Allen S. Weiss and Frédéric Mistral. Included is also the “Beaufort Scale of Wind Force for Land Areas” from which I learn that “Gale” stands for 39-46mph as well as “Twigs break off trees, walking difficult, progress generally impeded” and that “Hurricane” means >73 mph as well as “Devastation”.

Our lives depend on our environment. People living in the desert will be living differently from people living in the mountains; cold climates require another lifestyle than warm climates. And, needless to say, the wind has an impact on how we live. The mistral, for instance, shapes the landscape. “It is a mosaic of vineyards, olive groves, wheat fields and other plots separated by rows of cypress or poplars planted closely together as windbreaks.” And. last but not least, the mistral is blamed “for anything from migraines to crimes of passion.”

Mistral MtVentoux:
9. February 2013, 3:42 P.M., Col des Tempêtes, Mont Ventoux: gusts of 100 kilometers per hour, 11 on the Beaufort Scale. The mistral barrels down the Rhône Valley, slams into Mont Ventoux, and rushes through this opening, hence the name, Stormy Pass.

“Mistral. The Legendary Wind of Provence” also taught me fundamentally important things about nature (and life) in general. “Wind flows freely over borders, It cannot be harnessed like a river, depriving one country of a resource.”

In sum: “Mistral. The Legendary Wind of Provence” is a very instructive book, poetic, beautiful, with a nice sense of humour (her attempt as an eight-year old to photograph God in the clouds is heart-warming), and somewhat French (yes, I know that Rachel Cobb is American, but nevertheless).


Mistral: The Legendary Wind of Provence
by Rachel Cobb
Introduction by Bill Buford
Damiani, Bologna 2018

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Ton Broekhuis @ Noorderlicht | House of Photography

Ton Broekhuis: Aside
17 November 2018 till 6 January 2019

opening: friday November 16th, 5 pm

“A long oeuvre precedes this most recent work by the landscape photographer of the North. For 30 years, Broekhuis has cherished the northern landscape’s vastness, the freedom of emptiness. His work deals with the feeling the land evokes, any trueness to nature is subordinate to this. The process of interpretation and experimentation – once in the dark room, now in front of a screen – is where the work really comes to life.”

Noorderlicht | House of Photography
Akerkhof 12
9711 JB, Groningen | NL

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Ivan Forde @ Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York

Ivan Forde: Dense Lightness
November 8 – December 15, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8 | 6-8 pm

“Dense Lightness is Forde’s first solo exhibition, bringing together multimedia works from the artist’s interdisciplinary experimentations with cyanotype. Drawn from Forde’s long-term work and research around the ancient Mesopotamian epic poem Gilgamesh/He Who Saw The Deep, this installation invites visitors to experience the artist’s studio practice.”

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York
126 Baxter Street · New York, NY 10013 · USA

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Bob Tanner & Stephen Murphy @ Perspective Gallery

© Stephen Murphy

Bob Tanner: Traces
Stephen Murphy: Steppin’ Out
November 1 – 25

Opening Reception: November 3 | 5 -7 PM
Artist Talk: November 15

“Through his photographs, Bob Tanner has been exploring his understanding of mortality and ephemerality for over twenty years. The photographs in his series, Traces, were made soon after his wife died, and in locations familiar to them both. Stephen Murphey blends the encaustic medium with traditional screen-printing from photographs onto birch panels. This unique alternative photographic process invites an intuitive exploration of applied color such as tinted gessos and oilsticks, while manipulating the beeswax with a torch.”

Perspective Gallery
1310-1/2B Chicago Ave.

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Jessica Labatte @ Western Exhibitions

© Jessica Labatte

Jessica Labatte: Shade Garden
November 2 – December 22

Opening Reception: November 2 | 5 – 8 PM

“Shade Garden continues Labatte’s explorations into paradoxes and illusions within photographic images. Labatte’s two interrelated series of color photographs explore photographic notions of the visible and the invisible, the present and the withdrawn, as they champion beauty in the everyday as a radical gesture in our contemporary moment.”

Western Exhibitions
1709 W. Chicago Ave.

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Fred Teifeld and David Tepper @ Rangefinder Gallery

© David Tepper

Fred Teifeld and David Tepper: Where We Are: Mental States
November 2 – December 21

Opening Reception: November 2 | 6 – 9 PM

“This show is an exploration of the emotions and memories by photographers Fred Teifeld and David Tepper. Fred’s imagery depicts his growing up and living with the effects of domestic violence. David’s work represents the wonder and gratitude of his journey.”

Rangefinder Gallery
at Tamarkin Camera
300 W. Superior St.

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Ben Schonberger @ Filter Space

© Ben Schonberger

Ben Schonberger: Beautiful Pig
November 2 – December 1

Opening Reception: November 2 | 6 – 9 PM | RSVP
Artist Talk: November 15 | 6 PM

“While working in Detroit, I acquired a series of photographs from a retired former Detroit Police officer, Marty Gaynor, whom I began to interview weekly over the course of two years. Among his thousands of photographs were images that he had taken in the line of duty. By cataloging, arranging, and interpreting his work, I gave it the parameters of an archive. I arranged Marty’s images to create documents in the format of a grid. Each grid was presented to Marty as a canvas for him to transcribe a narration for his images. I infiltrated and paired the grids with images I had taken during my investigation and interaction with Marty. After organizing the images, I began to struggle with indexical notations the archive revealed when presented as unified work. I embarked on an image making process along-side Marty to see if I could understand the realities of identity, spirituality, and empathy”. – Ben Schonberger

Filter Space
1821 W. Hubbard St.
Suite 207

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Ellen Cantor @ dnj Gallery

Untitled 18, Dichotomy

Ellen Cantor “Dichotomy”
November 5 – November 16, 2018

“Ellen Cantor examines light and time, and their fusion with an object through interplay. She looks at colors and shapes, and, accordingly, notices the passing of a period. This body of work, “Dichotomy” focuses explicitly on light as a meaningful element her artwork. ”

dnj Gallery
3015 Ocean Park Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90405

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