Queensland Centre for Photography

Exhibition: September 25 – October 23, 2011
Reception: September 24, 5-8 pm

The QCP in September/October is presenting work by Emma Thomson (NSW), Vikky Wilkes (ACT), Mark
Lehn (WA), Helen Savory (QLD), Ka-Yin Kwok (VIC) and GALERIA EXPERIÊNCIA (BRAZIL)

Emma Thomson: Made in the Shire (above)

Portraits are always poses. Sydney-based Emma Thomson attempted to capture this self-constructed idea of oneself during a residency in the New South Wales regional Shire of Hazelhurst. The artist advertised in local media for couples who would participate in collaborative portrait process. The advertisement attracted individuals as well as couples who worked with the artist to strike a pose that represents themselves more or less to themselves. The exaggerated sense of pose in these images underscores the subjects’ participation in the creative process. These portrait poses might embody an ideal of the self, or a future vision of the self, but it is nevertheless an idea of the self that is real for them.

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