Rick Odell @ Soho Photo

My Better Half

Exhibition: June 6 – June 30, 2012

Soho Photo is pleased to announce that June’s guest artist is Rick Odell whose exhibition is entitled My Better Half. Odell explains that each of the 23 images in his show is a double portrait that appears at first to represent a male and female couple. However, the pictures are, in fact, digitally manipulated composites of two photographs of the same subject – one of a man in drag persona masquerading as a woman and one of that same man with masculine attire and grooming. In images with more than two figures, each romantic pair is a single man cast in both gender roles.

Odell is dedicated to photographing socially taboo subjects as well as current events. His work has appeared in the Daily News and USA Today, on and elsewhere. Odell has had numerous solo shows; his work has also been a part of group exhibitions in China and Russia.

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