Scott B. Davis @ Hous Projects

Black Sun

Exhibition: June 21 – September 1, 2012

Edward Abbey once wrote “You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.” The photography of Scott B. Davis is charged with the same notion. Originally from Maryland, Davis emulated the westward journey of Charles Fletcher Lummis and was bewitched by the spirit of the desert and its magical transformation at day’s end. Studying photography at the University of New Mexico, he discovered his passion and his destiny. Davis remains fascinated by the desert landscapes and towns of California with his new work concentrating on subjects closer to his home in San Diego. In this place, where the infinite vista of day is reduced, at night, to an intimate theatre, he revisits the theme of his successful 2008 exhibition, Land of Sunshine in his current exhibition Black Sun. Always evolving, Davis’ work pushes the boundaries of photographic composition – darkness becomes both tool and subject and we are forced to interpret the work without traditional visual cues. Vignettes, lit simply by street lamp or headlight, compel unremarkable objects to assume a mysterious otherness when emancipated from the glare of the harsh desert sun.

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