Bar-Tur Photography Award @ Paradise Row Gallery

Blaise Chatelain, Untitled

The winners of the Bar-Tur Photography Award in 2011 and 2012 will have their work showcased in a dedicated exhibition at Paradise Row Gallery, London from 21st – 25 August.

Alumni Winners 2011
Communication: Briony Campbell
Environment: Ilsun Maeng
Identities: Elisabeth Molin
Lifestyle: Yusuke Fujisawa

Student Winners: 2011
Communication: Quincy Scott, Geoff Bartholomew, Christopher Kieling
Environment: Sam, Ledger, Jessica Summerling, Yuanyuan Yang
Identities: Georgina McNamara, Claire Clutterbuck, Claire Lawrie
Lifestyle: David Shaw, Christopher Down, Magdalena Gluszak

Alumni Winner 2012
Paul Greenleaf

Student Winners
1st Blaise Chatelain
2nd Ashima Mehra
3rd Joachim Fleinert

Trustees’ Choice
Jennifer Ball
Michiel Meewis
Anonmalous Visuals
Pauline Moon

Paradise Row Gallery
74a Newman Street
London W1T 3DB

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