76 year old Nyatwa walked to Zimbabwe from Mozambique when he was 14 years old. He came looking for work. He worked shoveling coal then in a sugar refinery. He can no longer work because he is ill. “I’ve seen the country change a lot. We were sleeping in the bushes. There was war. You people (The whites) were discriminating against us. They were treating us like slaves. It was a difficult time. When independence came we thought it would be good. But in the end we were killing each other.” He is cared for by his 22 year old Granddaughter Lucy who also cares for a six year old daughter, her deceased sisters eight year old son, and her 16 year old intellectually handicapped brother. Her father died in 2001 and her mother in 2005. They survive off money sent by her uncle who is living in South Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans rely on relatives living abroad and especially in South Africa to be able to buy food and pay rent. It is estimated that as many as 2 million Zimbabweans have left the country in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

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