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1 Jan Groover, Untitled, 1978, 15x19 inches, C print ed.3_3, courtesy galerie paul freches

1 Jan Groover, Untitled, 1978, 15×19 inches, C print ed.3_3, courtesy galerie paul freches

Jan Groover
March 2 (opening, 5-9 pm) to May 18, 2013

An essential and unique figure in photography since the 1970s, Jan Groover (1943 – 2012) has left an important collection of photographic works from a career which spanned forty years, terminating after the artist’s death in 2012. Groover’s point of departure in her practice quickly became apparent early in her career: her rigorous approach to photography sought to challenge its limits as an artistic medium. She explicitly deserts the traits of documentation so inherent to photography and explores, instead, the relational nature of elements in an image or groups of images. The challenge, for the artist, was to develop a vocabulary specific to photography through which the photograph is able to transcend the wear of a spectator’s successive gaze. The artist took calculated steps in developing her practice, slowly maturing her body of work, and it was not until 1975 that Jan Groover garnered recognition. Though she resided in France during the last twenty years of her life, Groover’s work had not been publicly exhibited in Paris since her last show at the Sonnabend Gallery in 1979. Jan Groover’s photography is present in the collections of many prominent American museums and became the subject of a solo exhibition at the MoMA in 1987.


galerie paul frèches
48, rue de Montmorency
75003  Paris

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