(Un)Clothed – Selections @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

Henriks Back © Nina Worren

Henriks Back © Nina Worren

(Un)Clothed – Selections
June 1, 2013 – June 29, 2013

Juror: Mona Kuhn

Juror’s and Director’s Selection: Mary Fashbaugh, Untitled, Braille Series 2
Honorable Mention: Nina Worren, Henriks Back
Honorable Mention: Trina von Rosenvinge, K & A
Honorable Mention: Gary Mitchell, Family Does Laundry
Honorable Mention: John Murphy, Adam and Eve

All Selected Artists: Tabitha Adams, Linda Alterwitz, Neil Bookman, Fiona Boyd,
Gary Breckheimer, Sam Cannon, Ana Casas Broda, Larry Chait, Alan Charlesworth, Catherin, Colaw, John Cornicello, Katie DelaVaughn, Jennifer Edgerton, Mary Fashbaugh, R.L. Geyer, Lydia Goldblatt, Brian Gorman, Dennis Hodges, Sarah Kaufman, Eddie Lanieri Honey Lazar, G, Mark Lewis, Dina Litovsky, Leighton McWilliams, Gary Mitchell, Kat Moser, Samuel Moulin, John Murphy, Jane Paradise, Ralph Parker, George P. Perez, Gina Phillips, Douglas Prince, Yuan Pu, Marianne Romeo, Jasper Savage, Daniel Schaefer, Michael Slack, Daniel Smith, Len Speier, Tom Suhler, Tom Trippe, Trina von Rosenvinge Dana West, Nina Worren, and Chen-yu Wu.

The Center for Fine Art Photography | 400 North College Ave. | Fort Collins | CO | 80524


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