Black + White 2013 Selections @ The Center for Fine Art Photography


Black + White 2013 Selections
Exhibition Dates: July 5, 2013 – August 24, 2013

Black + White 2013 – Selections
Jurors: Elizabeth Corden and Jan Potts of Corden|Potts Gallery

Jurors’ Selection: David Magee, Tideline
Director’s Selection: Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Close to Twilight
Jurors’ Honorable Mention: KT Shiue, Oak Street Houses
Jurors’ Honorable Mention: Martin Gremm, GRB Convention Center
Jurors’ Honorable Mention: Paula Rucket, Two Pelicans
Director’s Honorable Mention: Lucia Eggenhoffer, Puppeteers at Work
Director’s Honorable Mention: Michelle Rogers Pritzl,
Proof of the Strength of Experience
Director’s Honorable Mention: Kathleen Taylor, Three Acts

All Selected Artists: Geoffrey Agrons, Stephanie Arnold, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Jan Bell, John Bergholm, Anne Berry, Brian Bjeldbak, Victoria Bjorklund, Michael P. Calvo, Michael Carl, Adrian Davis, Megan Dill, John Eaton, Lucia Eggenhoffer, David Ellingsen, Lynne Gaines, Terri Garland, Jacques Garnier, Daniel Grant, Paul Greenberg, Martin Gremm, Gary Gumanow, Michael Hart, Clyde Heppner, Steve Hix, William Horton, Stephen Houston, Heather Jacks, Jamie Johnson, Chuck Kimmerle, Karen Kirkpatrick, Pam Korman, Tim Lamey, Jim LaRocco, Stella Lee, David Magee, Gordon Middleton, Robert Moran, John Morris, Catherine Panebianco, Keith Parks, Donna Pinckley, Heather Polley, Stan Raucher, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Ni Rong, Paula Rucket, Dick Sanders, Terry Scopelliti, KT Shiue, Jesse Stansfield, Jamey Stilings, Kathleen Taylor, Bill Voight, and Ted Williams.
The Center for Fine Art Photography | 400 North College Ave. | Fort Collins | CO | 80524

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