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Ways Of Seeing
A solo Show by Patrick Winfield
November 21st 2013 – January 12th 2014

Brooklyn based photographer and long time instant film master, Patrick Winfield continues to produce and experiment with analog materials to create unique composites. An expert of composition, he fuses Impossible instant film in vivid ways to produce stunning large scale composites. Winfield blends a diverse range of techniques and alternative processes in his collages, from photograms to macro photography.

These composites create a fractured universe where focal structure is not always aimed to a single point. Instead it is spread out over multiple viewpoints, causing the eye to dig deeper into the image. The beautiful images transplant the viewer’s imagination, and have the power to transform how they see reality, split yet focused.

Impossible America Corp
425 Broadway, 5th floor
New York, NY 10013

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