Liza Dracup & Ulla Schildt @ Street Level Photoworks

image: Ulla Schildt

image: Ulla Schildt

Liza Dracup – ‘Re: Collections’
Ulla Schildt – ‘A Rare Visitor’
30th January – 27th March 2016

opening reception: Saturday 30th January 3pm

‘A Rare Visitor’ is an ongoing series of images of natural history museums and zoo´s in cities such as Oslo, Dublin, Berlin, London, Paris and Tallinn. The work is a study of spaces where ´nature´ has been artificially constructed for people to experience it safely and easily. These artificial spaces allow people to feel in control of the natural world. Like photography, museums and zoos set up a relationship where man is no longer a part of nature but is a privileged observer. They highlight the idea that these locations are built to maintain the illusion
of wilderness in places that are totally man made.

‘Re: Collections’ is a photographic study of British wildlife vertebrate specimens, referencing The Natural Sciences Collections held by Bradford Museums & Galleries. The photographs present us with a series of birds and mammals, made timeless both by the taxidermist and the photographer. The photographs allow us to consider the paradox of their reworked ‘natural’ form. The work resides both in an artistic and scientific context and could bring about questions about our own personal relationship to the British wildlife and its conservation.

Street Level Photoworks | Trongate 103, Glasgow

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