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Head Trip, 2016. Pamela Crimmins Juror's Honorable Mention & Director's Honorable Mention

Head Trip, 2016.
Pamela Crimmins
Juror’s Honorable Mention & Director’s Honorable Mention

November 4-23, 2016

Artist Talks: November 11, from 6:00-7:00 pm
Reception: November 11, from 7:00-8:00 pm

Dreams connect the space between real and surreal. They derive from fragments of our stream of consciousness. Our life’s memories, our desires, and our fears reshuffle and play-back in visions that may appear obscured by double-vision, or be crystallized by a hyper-real clarity. Often, they exist with the support of an uncanny logic or disjointed symbolism. Whether hopeful or menacing, dreams pull on the strings of our most raw and primal emotions. Dreams 2016 features many varied and diverse approaches to the visualization of dreams in contemporary photography.
– Jennifer DeCarlo for C4FAP

Featured Artists: Geoffrey Agrons, Ronaldo Aguiar, Lewis Anderson, Sue Bailey, Daniel Barsotti, Gina Cholick, Rebecca Clark, Troy Colby, Pamela Crimmins, Francis Crisafio, Polly Crongeyer, Gina DeGideo, Mark Dierker, Robert Dutruch, Elizabeth Feick, Vanessa Filley, Julie Gautier-Downes and Kristen Gautier-Downes, Katherine Emely Gomez, Hilda Goold, John Grant, Amanda Harner, Kristen Victoria Harner, Michael Honegger, Melissa Lazuka, Molly McCall, Toni Mosley, Scott Norris, David Obermeyer, Andrew Ortiz, Heather Perera, Charlotte Peterson, Matthew Peterson, Janelle Pietrzak, Lori Pond, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Jennifer Romero, Richard Russo, Stanley Shoemaker, Sara Silks, Robin Ward, Marisa White, Wendy Whitesell, Alexa Wright, Cheng-yu Wu, Zoe Zimmerman, and Michael Zuhorski.

The Center for Fine Art Photography
400 North College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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