Matjaž Tančič @ Galerija Fotografija

Matjaž Tančič: Hḗrōs
18. September – 14. October 2017

Opening of the exhibition: 18. September 2017, at 20h

“The project is articulated through a fine tension between this moment of history and the history of art itself. Drawing inspiration from Ancient Greek storytelling and art pieces depicting mythological heroes, Tančič rejected a standard documentary approach in favor of something more personal. This allowed him to not only focus on real human destinies in a unique way, but also to portray his subjects in a completely new perspective. Essentially, Tančič decided to exploit, as French theorist G. Didi-Huberman put it, an anachronistic character of the image. This means that even though the Hḗrōs project serves as a witness of current humanitarian and political problems, Tančič found a way to escape the simplistic logic of mass-media coverage by opening a multi-layered space of artistic and historical reflection.”

Galerija Fotografija
Levstikov trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana

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