Genevieve Gaignard @ Houston Center for Photography

Genevieve Gaignard, Selfie, 2016​. Copyright Genevieve Gaignard and courtesy of Shulamit Nazarian

Genevieve Gaignard: In Passing
September 8th-October 22, 2017

Opening on September 8th, 2017, Artist talk at 6pm

“In Passing brings together several bodies of work made between 2015 and the present, mapping the artist’s ever-evolving performance of identity through large-format self-portraits and vernacular installations. Through an array of campy stereotypes that range from a suspicious housewife peering out a window to a Divine-esque drag queen, Gaignard interrogates her own intersectional identity as a biracial woman as well as the often murky, difficult terrain of race, class, and gender in contemporary culture.”

Houston Center for Photography
1441 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77006

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Armando Chant @ Black Eye Gallery

From Liminal, by Armando Chant, courtesy of Black Eye Gallery

Armando Chant: Liminal
AUG 23- SEPT 3, 2017

Opening night- Thursday August 24, 6-8pm

“Liminal builds an interest with the potential for engagement that exists with the relationship between imagery and objects that sit within an in-between state of emergence and realisation.

This series proposes an encounter with the liminal image in construction, where there is an exploration and interaction with the blurred boundaries between the real and imaginatively unreal, and images that are in a process of slow and gradual emergence.”

Black Eye Gallery
3/138 Darlinghurst Rd,
Darlinghurst 2010

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Karl Blossfeldt @ photo-eye

Karl Blossfeldt: The Architecture of Plants
July 31st – Sept 30th

“Published beginning in 1928, Blossfeldt’s work focuses on highly detailed close-up images of plant life possessing a Modern design sensibility a generation ahead of its time. A pioneer in the field of macro-photography, Blossfeldt often constructed his own cameras allowing him to magnify his subject 30x to craft compositions infused with abstract shape, transforming ordinary buds, pods, and twigs into exotic specimens with rhythmic form.”

376 Garcia Street, Suite A
Santa Fe Nm, 87501

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Book Review: The Human Cost of Agrotoxins by Pablo E. Piovano

09/25/2015 Firmat, Santa Fe province. The Fontanellaz family lives surrounded by fields exposed to constant fumigations. Edgar made 34 judicial complaints. He was attacked twice with gunfire at his home by soybean farmers. His two sons were born with hearing loss.

This tome documents the catastrophic consequences of inconsiderate use of agrotoxins by Monsanto in the Northeast of Argentina over twenty years, mainly congenital malformations. But there are also other kinds of sufferings that are not readily visible: miscarriages and cancer, as photojournalist Pablo E. Piovano, born 1981, states.

Unsurprisingly, most media rarely write about it. “Silence was what made most noise. So I decided to go out and document on my own to know what was happening to the health of the people living in the fumigated villages,” writes Pablo E. Piovano.

In other words: “The Human Cost of Agrotoxins” is classic documentary and this means: to go out into the world, to confront yourself with what is out there – and then tell us about it, with pictures, and with words. And this is precisely what Pablo E. Piovano did. Moreover, he did what journalists usually do: he talks to people, looks for knowledgeable folks and conducts interviews.

12/07/2014 Colonia Alicia, Missiones province. Lucas Techeira is five years old and was born with an incurable disease called ichthyosis lamellar, caused by a gene mutation. His parents worked in a tobacco field and other plantations in the area where agrochemicals such as glyphosate and 2,4-D, one of the components of Agent Orange, are sprayed.

One of these interviews, conducted by Jan-Christoph Wiechmann, presently a correspondent in Latin America for the German magazine “STERN,” can be found in this book. The interviewee, Fabián Tomas, whose lungs are failing and whose muscles have disappeared, says that Monsanto, Bayer and all the others just talk about jobs. And he asks: “But what kind of jobs are these? And what did they do to this beautiful diverse landscape? Now it is all just monoculture and all the bugs and birds and butterflies are killed by massive machines; planes that spray the poison from above. I can’t believe that the most intelligent generation of human beings that ever existed has forsaken our values.” But what about the industry who says that it is not harmful to humans?, asks Jan-Christoph Wiechmann. Fabián Tomas responds: “Nobody knows how these millions of toxins that sink into the ground are affecting our health. There are no long term studies. Scientists from the University La Plata visited Basavilbaso. They found the poison in our water and in the air. Here in Argentina we were the laboratory for agri-business and the chemical industry ever since Monsanto entered the country under suspicious circumstances in 1996. Now there are thousands of victims.”

Yet there is also resistance, the movement of The Mothers of Ituzaingó, for instance. Patricio Eleisegui portrayed them for this book in which are also informative texts by Carlos Rodriguez (“We Just Miss the Happiness of Being Healthy”), Damián Marino (The Cry of the Invisibles), Darío Ananda (A Massive Experiment), and Wendy Watriss (Inconvenient Thoughts: Agent Orange and Other Chemicals).

12/11/2014 Fracrán, Missiones province. Jessica Scheffer is 14 years old and has a genetic mutation

The photos in this tome do what good photos always do, they make you pause. And, they make your thoughts wander and create other pictures in your head that illustrate the stories behind the pictures. It feels weird and disturbing to spend time with these photographs not least because I once travelled for weeks by bus through this part of Argentina without knowing anything about these things. Once again I was reminded of the old truth: we can only see what we know.

Guillermo Saccomanno, in his introductory text, asks himself whether “Pablo E. Piovano’s photos are art in themselves, or denunciation.” It is not a question that occurred to me but then again, it is pretty different what photos trigger in different minds. Saccomanno also felt reminded of Vietnam – and this I share. What I also share is his reference to the results of capitalism. “The capitalist reason, seeking profit from nature has, in fact, created that deformed girl crawling and those children with hydrocephalus and mental retardation.”

“The Human Cost of Agrotoxins” is a necessary and important book.


The Human Cost of Agrotoxins
El Costo Humano de los Agrotóxicos
by Pablo E. Piovano
Kehrer Heidelberg 2017
For more info and to purchases:

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Creative Connections: Nottingham @ Nottingham Contemporary

Creative Connections: Nottingham
19 July to 31 August 2017

“The exhibition includes newly commissioned portraits by Katherine Green, work by the students, archive material from the local studies library, oral history and contributed photos from members of the public. All celebrating the history of one of Europe’s largest housing estates.”

Nottingham Contemporary

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AUGUST 8 – 26, 2017


“Fleming-Ives’ photographs, taken with a medium format film camera, are largely confined to a quiet and still apartment, often cast with squares of warm afternoon light, and defined by objects relating both to a child’s development—rainbow toys strewn about the floor—and a mother’s—a guide to labor and childbirth entitled Birth. Fleming-Ives portrays both blissful interactions with her child alongside physiological stresses of post-pregnancy, and demonstrates motherhood as practiced and learned over time, rather than automatic and immediate upon a child’s birth. Layering meanings of “women’s work”—that of mother and that of artist—Fleming-Ives steps into the latter to illuminate the former, expanding the art historical theme of motherhood to include its effect on female identity, while newly exploring her own negotiation between the two roles. This idea is perhaps best articulated in the work Motherhood: The Reference Library, a shelf containing a collection of books that question what motherhood means to those who define themselves as mothers, and were meaningful to the artist while making this project.”


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Summer Group Exhibition @ The Lionheart Gallery

Vela, 2016, Jennifer Schlesinger

Summer Group Exhibition
Through September 1, 2017

“Summer Group Exhibition at The Lionheart Gallery in Pound Ridge, N.Y., channel the monumental influence of summer in our lives—and some of the most powerful images come from a small group of featured artists who favor alternative process photography.
Emerging from different backgrounds and different parts of the U.S., they share an immersion in historic processes that yield quietly dramatic handmade images with painterly qualities.
At times summoning imagery directly invoking the feel of summer, these images reside in the zone below surface impressions as they dig deep into the psyche of this defining season—so masterfully that there’s hardly a need for color; a whisper here and there but otherwise just the penetrative majesty of black-and-white.”

The Lionheart Gallery
27 Westchester Avenue in Pound Ridge, N.Y.

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Olivia Locher @ Steven Kasher Gallery

I Fought the Law (Alabama) (In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times)

Olivia Locher: I Fought the Law
September 14 – October 21, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 14th, 2017

“Olivia Locher: I Fought the Law, an exhibition of photographs breaking an eccentric law from each of the 50 States of the Union. Locher’s photographs take on the tangle of our pork-belly, dairy-lobby, male-anxiety, sex-obsessed legislation. Her quirky illustrations of America’s most unusual laws will make both Dems and Repubs roll in the aisles. Has Olivia Locher built the bridges that can span our red-blue political chasm?”

Steven Kasher Gallery
515 W. 26th St., New York, NY 10001

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Joel Meyerowitz @ Howard Greenberg Gallery

Joel Meyerowitz, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1977
Copyright Joel Meyerowitz, courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery

Joel MeyerowitzJoel Meyerowitz: Between the Dog and the Wolf
September 7 – October 21, 2017

“The exhibition title Between the Dog and the Wolf is a translation of a common French expression “Entre chien et loup,” which describes oncoming twilight. As Meyerowitz notes, “It seemed to me that the French liken the twilight to the notion of the tame and the savage, the known and the unknown, where that special moment of the fading of the light offers us an entrance into the place where our senses might fail us slightly, making us vulnerable to the vagaries of our imagination.””

Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406, New York.

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Past Present Future @ Silver Eye Center for Photography

Past Present Future: Western Pennsylvania’s People and Places
JUNE 27 – AUGUST 19, 2017

“Past Present Future explores and celebrates photographic landscapes and portraits of Western Pennsylvania, spanning over 100 years of image making in the region. The exhibition features the work of over 40 artists and is presented in a nonlinear salon style. Past Present Future creates visual connections between the images and traditions of iconic giants of mid 20th century photography like W. Eugene Smith, Esther Bubley, and Duane Michals and contemporary artists making work today throughout the region. ”

Silver Eye Center for Photography
4808 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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