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Book Review: OVER by Kacper Kowalski

    Kacper Kowalski is an architect by education, but for the past twenty years he has specialized in aerial photography. His documentary work has been recognized and awarded by World Press Photo. OVER is his photo book that departs from his documentary images. “I am tired of man and his behaviors,” says Kowalski in […]

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Book Review: A Detroit Nocturne by Dave Jordano

An Ode to the City that Endures In a continuation of Dave Jordano’s critically-acclaimed Detroit: Unbroken Down (powerHouse Books, 2015) which documented the lives of struggling residents, A Detroit Nocturne is an artist’s book not of people this time, but instead the places within which they live and work: structures, dwellings, and storefronts. These photographs speak to the quiet […]

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Book Review: New York Edited. Out of Place

Every year, the photographers of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, develop stunning photo series which get then edited by the photo editors class of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie (OKS), in Berlin. Through twelve stories, this book tells us about loss, change and new beginnings.      […]

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Book Review: Julio’s House by Orestes Gonzalez

A Home Becomes A Touchstone The colorful photographs in Julio’s House show us extravagant, Liberace-inspired interior living spaces within a modest Miami house. We see scenes of a very personal setting, but devoid of people. The only people shown in the book are in vintage photographs taken of Orestes Gonzalez’s uncle Julio, his uncle’s friends and lovers, […]

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Book Review: Out of the Ordinary, Vol. 2 by Iain Sarjeant

Out of the Ordinary, Vol. 2 : A Journey Through Everyday Scotland The second volume of Out of the Ordinary by Iain Sarjeant is a continuation of the project he has been working on for a number of years. The project, and two books thus far, has developed from the approach of Sarjeant’s spontaneous wandering, exploring, […]

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Book Review: The Kingdom by Stéphane Levoué

In 2010, French photographer Stéphane Lavoué discovered a special landscape in the United States, called Northeast Kingdom. It is located along the border to Canada in the northeast corner of Vermont, comprising Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties. This beautiful, rugged, remote area has a population of roughly 65,000 people. Lavoué’s series and book, The Kingdom […]

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Book Review: Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the 80s by Joseph Rodriguez

When Brooklyn-raised photographer Joseph Rodriguez first debuted his body of work shot in Spanish Harlem in the 1980s, it changed the face of documentary photography. Grit, elegy, celebration, pride, lurking cataclysm—all embedded in the portrait of a place and the people. Now, three decades later, Rodriguez and powerHouse Books are revisiting that groundbreaking series: unearthing […]

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Book Review: You An Orchestra You A Bomb by Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey’s third monograph is a vibrant and bold book, capturing moments of awe, icons of the everyday, and life on the threshold between magic and disaster. The breathless moments of beauty in her images propel us to fathom the sacred in the split-seconds of everyday. A raw awareness of fragility permeates this work. I […]

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Book Review: Found Polaroids by Kyler Zeleny

Found Polaroids is a collection of the best stories from the Found Polaroid Project, a personal archive of over 6,000 orphaned images collected since 2011. The concept behind the project is simple, to breathe new life into long-forgotten images by asking creative minds to write stories about them. Eerily distant yet warmly familiar, the stories, and […]

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Interview with photographer Homayra Adiba

Cary Benbow (CB): Lets talk about your ‘Where Blue Birds Fly’ portfolio images submitted to this month’s issue about ‘Home’ – What is the background to this project, and how does the work relate to your other projects? Homayra Adiba (HA): ‘Where Blue Birds Fly’ is a story of rooftops in Dhaka City. It’s deeply […]

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