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Book Review: The Kingdom by Stéphane Levoué

In 2010, French photographer Stéphane Lavoué discovered a special landscape in the United States, called Northeast Kingdom. It is located along the border to Canada in the northeast corner of Vermont, comprising Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties. This beautiful, rugged, remote area has a population of roughly 65,000 people. Lavoué’s series and book, The Kingdom […]

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Book Review: Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the 80s by Joseph Rodriguez

When Brooklyn-raised photographer Joseph Rodriguez first debuted his body of work shot in Spanish Harlem in the 1980s, it changed the face of documentary photography. Grit, elegy, celebration, pride, lurking cataclysm—all embedded in the portrait of a place and the people. Now, three decades later, Rodriguez and powerHouse Books are revisiting that groundbreaking series: unearthing […]

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Book Review: You An Orchestra You A Bomb by Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey’s third monograph is a vibrant and bold book, capturing moments of awe, icons of the everyday, and life on the threshold between magic and disaster. The breathless moments of beauty in her images propel us to fathom the sacred in the split-seconds of everyday. A raw awareness of fragility permeates this work. I […]

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Book Review: Found Polaroids by Kyler Zeleny

Found Polaroids is a collection of the best stories from the Found Polaroid Project, a personal archive of over 6,000 orphaned images collected since 2011. The concept behind the project is simple, to breathe new life into long-forgotten images by asking creative minds to write stories about them. Eerily distant yet warmly familiar, the stories, and […]

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Interview with photographer Homayra Adiba

Cary Benbow (CB): Lets talk about your ‘Where Blue Birds Fly’ portfolio images submitted to this month’s issue about ‘Home’ – What is the background to this project, and how does the work relate to your other projects? Homayra Adiba (HA): ‘Where Blue Birds Fly’ is a story of rooftops in Dhaka City. It’s deeply […]

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Book Review: ObjectImage by Sarah Tulloch

ObjectImage introduces British artist Sarah Tulloch’s idiosyncratic approach to working with the photographic image. Tulloch uses photo collections left by her grandfather and daily newspaper imagery to explore themes that reflect on our shared habits of consuming photographic media. From the social history of documenting family to the juxtaposition of recycled media imagery she probes and questions both object and image to create […]

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Book Review: Mean Streets:NYC 1970-1985 by Edward Grazda

The black-and-white photos in Mean Streets, collected in print for the first time, offer a look at the infamous hardscrabble New York City of the 70s and 80s, captured with the deliberate and elegant eye that propelled Grazda to further success. Grazda has photographed the world over in Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Latin America and a […]

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Filter Photo Festival 2017 Opens in Chicago

The 2017 Filter Photo Festival kicked off on Thursday, September 21st. The events continue through Sunday, September 24th; with workshops, portfolio reviews, artist talks and exhibitions all coordinated throughout the four days of the festival. The festival includes a number of events and talks that are free and open to the public at several locations […]

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Book review: Return to Fukushima by Rebecca Bathory

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was directly impacted by an earthquake on the 3rd of March, 2011. Tsunami waves breeched the perimeter of the power facility, and the resulting flood waters caused the plant to shut down. Overheated reactors exploded, radioactivity was released via the air and in water that washed into the sea. […]

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Filter Photo Festival 2017

This year, the premiere photography festival event for the midwest will take place in Chicago from September 21 – 24. Filter Photo Festival is a multi-day celebration of photography that takes place every autumn in Chicago. Festival programming includes workshops, lectures, artist talks, exhibition receptions, and much more. The majority of events take place at the Festival’s hotel […]

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