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Ton Broekhuis @ Noorderlicht | House of Photography

Ton Broekhuis: Aside 17 November 2018 till 6 January 2019 opening: friday November 16th, 5 pm “A long oeuvre precedes this most recent work by the landscape photographer of the North. For 30 years, Broekhuis has cherished the northern landscape’s vastness, the freedom of emptiness. His work deals with the feeling the land evokes, any […]

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Rebecca Sampson @ Foam

Rebecca Sampson – Apples for Sale 2 November 2018 – 16 December 2018 “Over 300,000 foreign domestic workers work and live in Hong Kong. The large majority is from Indonesia and the Philippines. These women usually work twelve hours a day, six days a week, under appalling terms of employment. Although they are officially entitled […]

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Elena Anosova @ Schilt Gallery

Elena Anosova: Out-of-the-way 29 September 2018 – 9 December 2018 Opening Saturday, 29 September 2018, 16.00-19.00 “Elena Anosova work concentrates on boundaries and isolation. The Out-of-the-way story, made between 2015 and 2017, is about a settlement in the far North of Russia, founded about 300 years ago by Anosova’s ancestors and other people. She has […]

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Paul Mpagi Sepuya @ Foam

Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Double Enclosure 14 September – 18 November 2018 opening 13 September “In his exhibition Double Enclosure, Sepuya enters into a dialogue with himself as artist, his subjects and the spectator. He comments on the medium of photography as a construction of longing: the longing to record things, to look, to touch and […]

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Simulacrum II @ Fries Museum

Simulacrum II 8 Sep till 28 Oct 2018 “Real and virtual realities are moving towards each other at a rapid pace. In advertising, images of reality and its digital models merge seamlessly into one another. In the film industry, CGI (computer generated imagery) makes it possible to immerse ourselves in other worlds. On social media, […]

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Feast for the Eyes @ Foam

Feast for the Eyes- The Story of Food in Photography 21 December 2018 – 6 March 2019 “Feast for the Eyes shows the rich history of food photography – not only in the visual arts, but also in commercial and scientific photography and photojournalism. From the banality of the diner-breakfast special of Stephen Shore to […]

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Masahisa Fukase @ Foam

Masahisa Fukase – Private Scenes 7 September – 12 December 2018 “Fukase incorporated his personal struggle with loss and depression into his work in a surprisingly playful manner. His subjects are personal and highly intimate: over the years, his wife Yoko, his dying father and his beloved cat Sasuke regularly featured in sometimes comical, at […]

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Ruben Terlou @ Noorderlicht photo gallery

Ruben Terlou: Straight Through China – a photographic journey 21 July – 16 September, 2018 Opening Friday 20 July at 05.00 pm “Terlou’s strength lies in his eye for everyday situations, which move, surprise and offer you a new view of a country in transition. With his photographs, he breaks through the clichéd image of […]

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Kadir van Lohuizen @ Overhoeks

Kadir van Lohuizen: Wasteland 20th of June to the 23rd of September Opens Friday 22nd of June at 6pm “In 2050, 70 percent of the world population will live in a city. Together they produce an enormous amount of waste, which a lot of metropolises are already unable to process. Kadir van Lohuizen documented the […]

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RENATO D’AGOSTIN: METROPOLIS JUNE 23 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 “Metropolis is Renato D’Agostin’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. For this exhibition, works from several of D’Agostin’s well-known series have been brought together, showcasing his explorations of modern life in cities, as well as the way he captures how people relate to their environment and […]

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