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Interview with photographer Ellen Jantzen

Cary Benbow (CB): Can you please explain the idea behind your portfolio images submitted to this Color issue? How do they relate to your other projects, or how is it significantly different? Ellen Jantzen (EJ): These images are from my “Coming Into Focus” series. I recently  moved from the Midwest where I concentrated on landscapes […]

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Book Review: The Best of LensCulture Vol. 1

“How to discover the best practitioners worldwide amidst our image-filled cultures of the 21st century?”, Jim Casper, the Editor-in-Chief of LensCulture, asks in his introduction. “Our editorial team scours the globe – attending festivals, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and graduation shows – in search of new and developing talents. And each year, we organize four annual […]

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Isidro Ramirez @ Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Isidro Ramirez: Uncertain Topographies Saturday June17th – Saturday 15th July 2017 “This body of work is situated on Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta, known to be one of the most dangerous and active volcanoes in the world, Ramirez undertook an exploration of the landscape and the relationships that humans forge around it, in a place where the […]

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Book Review: One Second of Light by Giles Duley

Portraits of Shared Humanity: Giles Duley photographs the survivors of war Wars come and go, but their legacies remain. Photographer Giles Duley’s focus goes beyond war itself. Throughout his career, Duley has documented the effects of war — instability, displacement, trauma, in-fighting, refugees and casualties. Regardless the region, conflict brings the same core damage … and it is people […]

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Interview with photographer Nick Kozak

The images by Nick Kozak featured in the Color exhibition this month are part of a series called Peetabeck. His project started in 2015 with his first trip to the remote First Nation community of Fort Albany, Canada on the James Bay coast.  Influenced by photographers like Jonas Bendiksen and Maciej Dakowicz, Kozak finds inspiration from their vision, as well […]

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Book Review: Destino Final by Giancarlo Ceraudo

From 1976 until 1983 Argentina was held hostage by a military dictatorship. Approximately 5,000 opponents of the brutal regime were put on planes and thrown into the sea. “They were unconscious: we undressed them and when the captain of the flight gave us the order we opened the door and threw them out, naked, on […]

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Irving Penn @ Fotografiska

Irving Penn: Resonance – Photographs from the Pinault Collection 16 June – 1 October “As one of the most celebrated and influential photographers of the 20th century, Irving Penn wielded an enduring influence on the development of the medium with his classic portraits and carefully arranged still lifes. A master of light and composition, Penn […]

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Book review: Nirvana: The Spread of Buddhism Through Asia by Jeremy Horner | Goff Books

Nirvana: The Spread of Buddhism Through Asia, authored and photographed by geologist Jeremy Horner has been awarded the Silver award in the Best Coffee Table Book category by the 29th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards. The IBPA celebrates vibrant independent publishers through the Benjamin Franklin Awards for excellence in book editorial and design and is […]

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Monique Relova @ Albumen Gallery

Monique Relova:Sridevi and Friends, Portrait of a Hijra Community May 15th – July 15th “In 2006 Monique Relova spent time with a transgender community near Bangalore in southern India for her project ‘Hijra’. In many western countries the discussion of transgender rights is very topical – the last frontier in the battle for equal rights. […]

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Book Review: waterforms by Dorothy Kerper Monnelly

“My photography depends on access to protected open spaces and would not be possible without it. It is the quiet, natural landscape that inspires and nurtures. Behind that experience is the dedication and advocacy of local and national conservation groups, along with all who value land protection and contribute in any way”, writes Dorothy Kerper […]

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