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Book review: Nirvana: The Spread of Buddhism Through Asia by Jeremy Horner | Goff Books

Nirvana: The Spread of Buddhism Through Asia, authored and photographed by geologist Jeremy Horner has been awarded the Silver award in the Best Coffee Table Book category by the 29th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards. The IBPA celebrates vibrant independent publishers through the Benjamin Franklin Awards for excellence in book editorial and design and is […]

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Monique Relova @ Albumen Gallery

Monique Relova:Sridevi and Friends, Portrait of a Hijra Community May 15th – July 15th “In 2006 Monique Relova spent time with a transgender community near Bangalore in southern India for her project ‘Hijra’. In many western countries the discussion of transgender rights is very topical – the last frontier in the battle for equal rights. […]

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Book Review: waterforms by Dorothy Kerper Monnelly

“My photography depends on access to protected open spaces and would not be possible without it. It is the quiet, natural landscape that inspires and nurtures. Behind that experience is the dedication and advocacy of local and national conservation groups, along with all who value land protection and contribute in any way”, writes Dorothy Kerper […]

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Interview with photographer Chloe Aftel

GenderQueer – Intimate and Genuine Gender is a current topic of discussion and debate – politically, and socially. A political debate wages on in several states to decide who should use which restroom based on their assigned gender at birth, versus the gender with each person identifies themselves. Time Magazine’s cover story for March 27, […]

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BOOK REVIEW: SHOT by Kathy Shorr

101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America Many Americans are likely numbed by the sheer volume of information about gun violence. So much data, so many statistics, so many news stories, and on and on. It is far too easy to distance oneself from the personal impact of gun violence. All the numbers and infographics […]

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Book Review: The Lumen Seed by Judith Crispin

My way of approaching photo books isn’t systematic, doesn’t follow any rules. Sometimes, I start with the beginning, sometimes, I read the press release first, sometimes, I look at the photographs first. In the case of The Lumen Seed by Judith Crispin I did all of the three almost simultaneously. I’ve very much warmed to […]

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Book review: Havana: Light Beyond Vision by Andrew Child

 A Visual Exploration through Color Infrared Panoramic Photography For the past several years, Boston based photographer Andrew Child has been traveling off of the beaten path in Havana, Cuba and its surrounding countryside, capturing rare images that explore its many hidden gems. Using his truly unique approach allows the photographer to reveal sunlight that would […]

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Interview with photographer Pauline Rousseau

Cary Benbow (CB): Can you please explain the idea behind your portfolio images in this issue? Pauline Rousseau (PR): The Would be Me, is a series I completed less than one year ago. I reconnected with all those men who has been part of my life at different moments. After convincing them, I staged with them […]

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Book Review: Through Darkness to Light by Jeanine Michna-Bales

They left during the middle of the night – oftentimes carrying little more than the knowledge that moss grows on the north side of trees. An estimated 100,000 slaves between 1830 and the end of The Civil War in 1865 chose to embark on this journey of untold hardships in search of freedom. They moved […]

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Interview with photographer Natalie Fay Green

Cary Benbow (CB): What compels you to make the images you create? Natalie Fay Green (NFG): I see the world differently when I’m using my camera. It slows me down, and I really observe my surroundings. I’m a mother of three small kids (ages 7, 5, and 2), and sometimes life flies by without me […]

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