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LIZA AMBROSSIO @ camara oscura galeria de arte

LIZA AMBROSSIO “The Rage of Devotion” 13th September – 17th November 2018 ““The Rage of Devotion” worships magic, witchcraft, spiritism, shamanism, the numinous, the esoteric, the cabala… We can see the ghosts that inhabit it: H.P. Lovecraft, Alejandro Jodorowsky, F.W. Murnau, Roman Polanski, David Cronenberg, Luis Buñuel, William Burroughs… In a sort of rite of […]

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Andrea Santolaya @ MONDO GALERIA

Andrea Santolaya: RUSSKAYA AMERIKA 2nd to 30th JUNIE 2018 OPENING Saturday 2nd June from 12 to 22 hs “The exhibition with 40 black and white photographs continues the tradition of the artist to portray small isolated communities, survivors of a technical and philosophical advance that characterizes our present. The photographer after a period of coexistence […]

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JAVIER VIVER @ camara oscura galeria de arte

JAVIER VIVER “The Archive of the Unclassifiable” 31st May – 28th July 2018 Opening: Thursday 31st at 8.00 pm “Under the title of “The Archive of the Unclassifiable” the author shows a selection of photographs from the “Iconographie de La Salpêtrière” filed in a modular filing cabinet, and the reconstruction of a number of body […]

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Dilan D´Agata 21st APRIL to 30th MAY 2018 OPENING Saturday 21st April – 20hs “MONDO GALERIA presents for the first time in Spain the works by Dilan D’Agata, precursive of a post-millennial generation that brings us closer to the latest in contemporary photography. Free of connotations and threshed discourses, the young French photographer, daughter of […]

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Jacob Aue Sobol @ MONDO GALERIA

Jacob Aue Sobol: “BY THE RIVER OF KINGS 17th FEBRUARY to 30th MARCH 2018 OPENING Saturday 17th February 20hs “The Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of Thailand. It is born as the Ping and Nan rivers become one. From there its waters flow south to Bangkok. These pictures are a recording of what I […]

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ELLEN KOOI @ camara oscura galeria de arte

ELLEN KOOI “Elements” 9th February – 20th May 2018 Opening: Friday 9th at 8.00 pm “Ellen works thoroughly and this is self-evident in the high quality of her brand-new artworks, which develop a new approach to portraiture as a genre. She usually prefers children as her photographed subjects since, as she upholds, “they live the […]

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JOHANN RYNO DE WET @ camara oscura

JOHANN RYNO DE WET “The Visitor” 14th September – 4th November 2017 ““The Visitor” series is a meditation on civilisation and it’s interactions with nature. It is an exploration of thoughts, feelings and ideas about the relationship we have with the world around us. We see the world through a veil of acceptance of the […]

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ROGER BALLEN @ camara oscura galeria de arte

ROGER BALLEN “Introspective” 25th May – 29th July 2017 Opening: Thursday 25th at 8.00 pm “Introspective” is the first retrospective exhibition by Roger Ballen in Madrid. In this project we have selected three of his most iconic series -”Outland, “Shadow Chamber” and his most recent “Boarding House”- in order to create a hallucinatory and enigmatic […]

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Alberto Schommer @ Kutxa Kultur Artegunea

Alberto Schommer 2 December 2016 until 19 March 2017 All Schommer’s work is characterised by a powerful personality and a constant desire to achieve a formal break, which led him to explore all kinds of aesthetic territories.Here is his platform approaching Modernity.With this exhibition the Kutxa Kultur Artegunea will be embarking on a programme that […]

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Ricardo Martín @ Kubo-kutxa gallery

Ricardo Martín Photographer and Observer From 4 November 2016 to 22 January 2017 Ricardo Martín embarked on his professional career in 1914 when the illustrated magazines were at their peak. He set up his photographic studio on Fuenterrabía street in San Sebastian, subsequently to be inaugurated in April 1915 with the name of Photo-Carte. The […]

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