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Zanele Muholi @ Fotografiska

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness 9 February – 1 April “In Somnyama Ngonyama, ready-made objects and found materials are transformed into culturally loaded props, merging the political with the aesthetic – often commenting on specific events in South Africa’s recent history. Scouring pads and latex gloves address themes of domestic servitude, while […]

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Chen Man @ Fotografiska

Chen Man: Fearless & Fabulous 9 December – 4 March 2018 “Chen Man is undoubtedly the pioneer of China’s fashion photographer. Throughout the years, Chen Man has firmly established herself as the most sought-after and certainly the highest paid fashion and portrait photographer in China. Her works have featured across a range of leading publications, […]

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Nick Veasey @ Fotografiska

Nick Veasey Inside Out 24 November – 18 February 2018 “Seeing Beneath the Surface with Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Vision. Everything is stripped down to the bare bone, plant or the raw metal or whichever components are included in the objects that are subjected to Nick Veasey’s X-rays. He captures everything from the beauty of Victorian […]

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The Autumn Salon @ Fotografiska

The Autumn Salon 6 October – 3 December 2017 “Nature in all its forms and shapes, in more or less natural contexts, is omnipresent in this year’s Autumn Salon at Fotografiska. Be it a tiny flower on the chest of a woman dressed up as Abba’s Agnetha, climbing plant prints in stark Stockholm underground stations […]

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Like a Horse @ Fotografiska

Like a Horse Group Exhibition 19 May–3 September “Our relationship with the horse is as multifaceted as it is fascinating and ancient, exquisitely depicted in prehistoric cave paintings. And when Eadweard Muybridge in the 19th century perfected the photographic technique he chose to capture, among other things, the movements of the horse. Muybridge’s famous series […]

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Monika Macdonald @ Fotografiska

Monika Macdonald: In Absence 26 February – 10 April 2016 That Monica Macdonald in her book should choose a quotation from Brave New World starting with “But” is no coincidence. A sentence that begins with “but” hovers between something that has been said and something that is about to be said. The photographs in the […]

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Helmut Newton @ The Swedish Museum of Photography

Helmut Newton May 31 – September 31 2013 The Swedish Museum of Photography  

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Sally Mann @ Fotografiska

A Matter of Time Exhibition: June 1 – September 30, 2012 This exhibition, A Matter of Time, presents nearly five decades of Mann’s work. Her subjects have ranged from her children and animals, her surroundings, the overarching concept of mortality, and the conflicted beauty of the deep South, to her intimate portraits of her husband, […]

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Fashion Photography Through Time @ Fotografiska

Photo: Tina Berning & Michela Fotografiska opens its main autumn exhibition: Fashion – Fashion Photography Through Time 24 September, 2010–2 January, 2011

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Sandy Skoglund @ Fotografiska

Image Credit: Revenge of the Goldfish © 1981 Sandy Skoglund courtesy Paciarte Gallery Brescia Italy Sandy Skoglund 10 September – 6 November, 2010 A characteristic feature is that selected objects in Skoglund’s images are highlighted in strongly contrasting colours. A picture may take months to plan and build before being shot with a large-format camera. […]

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