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Radial Survey Vol. 3 @ Silver Eye Center for Photography

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20th Anniversary Issue: Marina Font

I consider myself a photo-based artist. My work explores issues of identity: gender, memory, territory, place and origin, migration and belonging. Growing up in Argentina, my work is deeply Influenced by psychoanalysis and the forces of the unconscious. I tend to work in series. Each body of work takes a different visual approach according to the needs of the concept I am exploring and intend to portray.
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Lisa Hopf @ Photon Gallery

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Andrew Moore @ Yancey Richardson

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Welcome to The Salon @ Foley Gallery

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Lorraine Tuck @ Photo Museum Ireland

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20th Anniversary Issue: Allison Grant

Interestingly, my journey in many ways parallels that of my friend and fellow artist, Kariann Fuqua. We both lived in Chicago after grad school and worked as institutional curators while pursuing our own art practices and teaching. Now, we’ve landed in full-time academic positions in the Deep South – me as Associate Professor of Photography and Director of Graduate Studies at The University of Alabama and Kariann as the Instructional Assistant Professor and Director of Museum Studies at The University of Mississippi. This fall, we’ll present a collaborative installation in New York City with the Intermission Museum of Art.
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20th Anniversary Issue: Mick Stetson

My visual journey first began when I returned from living in the Middle East. In retrospect, I regretted not having a way to visually interpret and remember my extraordinary experiences during the three years I lived there. So, I began studying art history with the idea of learning how to paint my memories. Although I had some good results that were selected for a group exhibit, I wasn’t enamored with the painting process. It took too long to get a satisfactory result, and it was a solitary endeavor. I needed to find an aesthetic medium that would fit my personality. Something that would accommodate my impatience and give me opportunities to interact with my environment, especially people. After a few years, I finally found the perfect artistic outlet for myself — the camera. It would become my magic box.
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Debbie Fleming Caffery @ New Orleans Museum of Art

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