An apartment block lies half destroyed in Raqqa, Syria, Sunday, November 11, 2018. More than a year after the end of the brutal fighting that liberated the one time capital city of the Islamic State, and a devastating air campaign that mostly flattened it, Raqqa lies in ruins. Photograph: Victor J. Blue

Victor J. Blue: Cities in Dust
April 4-21, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, April 4th | 6-9PM

“Victor J. Blue’s panoramic photographs of the destroyed cities of Raqqa, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq, on view at the Bronx Documentary Center from April 4th to 21st, navigate a landscape of devastation from aerial bombardment scarcely seen since World War II.

Over the course of the four-year campaign against the Islamic State, the US-led coalition conducted 14,638 airstrikes in Iraq and 16,864 airstrikes in Syria, the bulk of which fell on Mosul and Raqqa, the twin capitals of the ISIS caliphate. The cities were leveled in the fight to liberate them from their captors. A year after the bombing stopped and the fighters were routed, Raqqa and the Old City of Mosul still lie in ruins. No comprehensive reconstruction plan exists; the viability of both cities remains in doubt.”

BRONX, NY 10451

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Poetics of the Everyday: Amateur Photography, 1890-1970 @ Saint Louis Art Museum

Poetics of the Everyday: Amateur Photography, 1890-1970
April 26 through August 25, 2019

““Poetics of the Everyday” celebrates the recent gift of 150 amateur photographs from St. Louis collectors John and Teenuh Foster. Works in the collection embrace lightheartedness in everyday life, and capture the character of often-overlooked moments. The 110 prints included in the exhibition include a range of subjects and compositions: children playfully acting out in front of the camera; scenes taken from automobiles on road trips; candid portraits revealing friends and family; and early attempts at “selfies,” such as those made in photo booths. In some of the prints, photographic effects are in play, such as double exposure or blurring. These effects often unintentionally imbue images with surreal qualities or jar viewers out of conventional ways of seeing the world.”

Saint Louis Art Museum
One Fine Arts Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

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Melt Down @ Center for Maine Contemporary

Ella Hudson, Iceberg IV

Melt Down
March 23 through June 9, 2019

Maine photographers and videographers: John Paul Caponigro, John Eide, Ella Hudson, Jonathan Laurence, Justin Levesque, Jim Nickelson, Jan Piribeck, Peter Ralston, Shoshannah White, and Deanna Witman

“How do we confront what climate strategist Jorgen Randers calls “the burden of ‘Big Grief,’ when nature is increasingly destroyed around us? The artists in Melt Down present evidence of the undeniable impact of climate change on the fragile environments of the Arctic and Antarctic. As Bruce Brown, exhibition curator states, “With increasing frequency, Maine artists of all disciplines are traveling to the Arctic and Antarctic to study, observe and record the effects of climate change. Melt Down includes stunning photographs and videos by ten distinguished Maine artists whose work calls attention to one of the major environmental issues of our time.” ”

Center for Maine Contemporary
Rockland, Maine

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March 12-June 9, 2019

” From reenactments of battles to dramatic theater productions, the restaging of historical events has a long history. For some contemporary photographers, reimaging events for the camera has become a powerful means to explore art historical narratives or reinterpret personal stories. Encore: Reenactment in Contemporary Photography, on view March 12-June 9, 2019 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Center features seven photographers who employ reenactment as a tool to investigate the past: Eileen Cowin (American, born 1947), Christina Fernandez (American, born 1965), Samuel Fosso (Cameroonian, born 1962), Yasumasa Morimura (Japanese, born 1951), Yinka Shonibare CBE (British-Nigerian, born 1962), Gillian Wearing (English, born 1963), and Qiu Zhijie (Chinese, born 1969).”

J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Center

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Steven Berkoff @ Lillie Art Gallery

Steven Berkoff: Gorbals 1966
2nd March 2019 – 4th April 2019

“The work covers a period in the Autumn of 1966, when Berkoff was an actor with The Citizens Theatre, which at that time was directed by Michael Blakemore. In the days he had off from acting, he would be out exploring with his camera, using that time to photograph the environment around The Citizens.”

Lillie Art Gallery
Station Rd, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8BZ

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Grayson Perry @ Tramshed

Grayson Perry: BIRTH
15 March to 14 April 2019

Launch Party – Thursday 14 March 2019, 17:00 to midnight

“1st Prize winner of the Sony World Photography Awards this ‘iconic and iconoclastic’ portrait of the artist Grayson Perry is presented as a dramatic lightbox reworking the tirelss motif of mother and child. Conceived and produced by renowned photographer Richard Ansett, it focuses on Perry’s alter ego, Claire, balancing the influence of centuries of art history with high-camp photographic parody. Ansett calls it “a vulgar appropriation for the 21st Century.””

FORMAT Festival
Tramshed, St James’ Yard, St James Street, Derby, DE1 1RN

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Dinesh Boaz @ Sorelle Gallery

Dinesh Boaz: Giant Steps
March 29th through April 18th

March 29th. 6pm to 9pm

“There are many characteristics are involved in defining how we see and experience the world around us. As individuals, every step we take is a unique one –– looking through our personal lens. ‘Giant Steps’ reveals my framework and gives perspective to my path to the camera. By highlighting distinct tones and sounds in curves and lines that make up our world, the works aim to capture progressively changing landscapes in stunning environments. ”

Sorelle Gallery, 84 Main Street, New Canaan, CT

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Book Review: The Isle of Dogs: Before the Big Money by Mike Seaborne

‘The Marshal Keate’ pub (demolished 1986), Preston’s Road, 1983

Now home to Canary Wharf and global finance, the Isle of Dogs was once the beating heart of industrial East London. These photographs, taken between 1982 and 1987, show the island just before the big money moved in and the area was forever transformed. Photographer Mike Seaborne documented the area, capturing the people who lived and worked in this area that was on the cusp of huge transformation.

Seaborne stumbled on the area by chance while he was photographing the river wharves closer to central London. He was struck by the charm of the area; the retained character of the traditional industry, homes and businesses in the area. From 1983-1986 Seaborne undertook an extensive photographic project to document the area prior to its redevelopment. He photographed streets and buildings, and also inside factories, schools, community centers and other social spaces. His purpose was to make a record of the Island before ‘big money’ moved in and transformed both the landscape and the people who lived and worked there. This project was undertaken in conjunction with the Island History Trust, an organization which helped collect and preserve the history of the Isle of Dogs.

Old entrance to Millwall Outer Dock, West Ferry Road, 1982

Geejay’s Solarium, corner of West Ferry Road and Ferry Street, 1985

Mudchute Park Amphitheatre, 1985

View north towards the Barkantine Estate from Montrose House, West Ferry Road, 1985

Islanders waiting for a boat to join the ‘Docklands Armada’, Cuba Street, 1985

Chapel House Street, 1984

This documentary project does a great job of capturing the essence of a place and its people. The Isle of Dogs provides a melancholy glimpse into a world that no longer exists. The shops with small bins of sorted vegetables, or understated displays of baked goods or tins were disappearing. The grocer, chemist, and butcher shops had been razed and replaced with supermarkets by the end of the decade. Electric typewriters, computers and modern reception areas are shown in Seaborne’s images of a new sugar refinery plant, and the Asda superstore – a stark contrast against scenes of toiling factory workers at Blythe Burrell Colours Ltd. Handwritten signage appears throughout the images in the book, chronicling the dissatisfaction of the impending crush of big business and ‘progress’ coming to the area. A sign declaring a ‘sold’ property has been edited to include ‘up the river’ as a social commentary to the plight the community experienced.

It is somewhat sad to see the scenario played out; the paradox of the required death of an established community to usher in improvement. Change is inevitable, but as one member of the Island History Trust says in the book’s introduction, “the end was undignified”. Seaborne’s photos however, give dignity and honor to the people he photographed. The social fabric of the area will not be lost due to his creative endeavors, and the Isle of Dogs will live on.

‘The Isle of Dogs: Before the Big Money’ by Mike Seaborne
With an introduction by eminent author Ken Worpole
192pp, cloth spine, 156mm x 196mm

Available for purchase from Hoxton Mini Press, publisher of the ‘Vintage Britain’ series of beautiful, collectible books celebrating the recent history of these isles through rather nice photography.

Since 1979 Mike Seaborne has been photographing London with a specific interest in its changing urban landscapes. Until 2012 he was Curator of Photographs at the Museum of London. His work has been shown internationally and appears in major collections including at the Tate and Historic England. You can find out more about him and his photography at

Images shown are courtesy Hoxton Mini Press, © Mike Seaborne

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Everything I Ever Learnt @ Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge

Harena Now © Josie Purcell, Shutter Hub

Everything I Ever Learnt
28 March to 3 May 2019

“Everything I Ever Learnt – everything I have seen, felt, remembered, everything, influences and informs every thought I will ever have.”

Visual communication is (generally) the first form of communication we encounter, and the exhibiting photographers are sharing images of personal influences, opening their world up to the eyes and interpretation of exhibition visitors.

Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge,
Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT

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CECILIA DE VAL @ camara oscura galeria de arte

CECILIA DE VAL: Pic of the Midday
29th March – 25th May 2019

Opening: Friday 29th at 8 pm

“In 2015, Cecilia started a project about the image of the Monte Perdido (a mountain in the Pyrenees) titled “El Monte Perdido”. It was a reflection about reality and its representations and the implications of the dematerialization of photography in the digital era. She took, as a starting point, the liquid origin (marine) of the Monte Perdido to trace an analogy between the transformation of the photography and the transformation of Monte Perdido. From solid, immutable, static, monumental, calcareous or dusty to liquid, fluid, mobile, dynamic, fragmentary and temporary.”

camara oscura galeria de arte
c/ Alameda, 16, 1º B
28014 Madrid

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