Joseph Rodriguez – Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ’80s
November 11 – December 23, 2017

“Shot in the mid-to-late 80s, Joseph Rodriguez’s photographs of East Harlem capture the core of the neighborhood, a spirit of a people that survives despite the ravages of poverty, and more recently, the threat of gentrification and displacement. In a now-distant landscape littered with abandoned buildings, ominous alleyways, and the plague of addiction, the residents of Spanish Harlem persevered with flamboyant style and gritty self-reliance.”

The book Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ’80s by Joseph Rodriguez (powerHouse books) will be released in November 2017. More information here.

614 Courtlandt Avenue
Bronx, New York 10451

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DIFFERENT WORLDS 2017 @ Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography

© Marko Kosović, from series Immersion, 2016

6 November – 1 December 2017

Georgs Avetisjans (LV) / Boris Beja (SLO) / Marko Kosović (ME) / Eva Križaj (SLO) / Jelena Micić (SR) / Aleksandra Nowysz (PL) / Valentyn Odnoviun (LT) / Paweł Starzec (PL) / Špela Škulj (SLO) / Boglárka Éva Zellei (HU)

Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1
1000 Ljubljana

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THE FENCE @ Market Station Site Denver

November 9 – January 2018

Launch Party: 4 – 6 pm at Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse
Walking Tours: 4:15 pm and 5 pm (Start/End at Lucky Pie)
All events free and open to public
to be led by United Photo Industries (UPI) and Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)

A jury of 70 leading photography and art professionals has selected work by 41 photographers from around the world, which UPI has installed along an 850-foot vinyl mesh banner that will start at 1600 Market Street, formerly Market Street Station and site of Continuum Partners’ Market Station project, and wrap around the full city block.

Now in its sixth year, THE FENCE draws four million visitors annually through open-air exhibitions in seven cities across the United States including Brooklyn, N.Y.; Boston, Mass.; Atlanta, Ga.; Houston, Texas; Santa Fe, N.M.; Durham, N.C.; and now Denver, Colo. THE FENCE provides exposure and career opportunities to participating photographers, while providing unprecedented access to powerful photographic narratives for a wide and diverse audience. A full list of participating artists—whose work spans the categories of Creatures, Home, People, Streets, Nature, Food and Play—can be found here.

More information:

Market Station Site

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Vanessa Filley @ Perspective Gallery

Vanessa Filley: A Nursery Rhyme for You
November 2 – 26

Opening Reception: November 4 | 5 – 7 PM

“Photographer Vanessa Filley creates a love letter to mothers and childhood with her carefully constructed images. Her work speaks to the power of a mother to shape a child’s understanding and experience of the world and the love that lies within that relationship. Her images are inspired by a longing to bring the world of childhood imagination into being, to capture some of the enchantment from stories that begin once upon a time, but do not necessarily end happily.”

Perspective Gallery
1310-1/2B Chicago Ave.

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Daniel Hojnacki @ Comfort Station

Daniel Hojnacki: Where House Used to Be
November 4 – 26

Opening Reception: November 4 | 5 – 8 PM

“Where House Used to Be reflects on the universal memories of spaces we call “home”. Using personal inherited archives as a catalyst to express a fascination into visualizing how the house is remembered and forgotten. Hojnacki reminisces on our collective evolution of memory and the persistence of the reality to those memories over passing time.”

Comfort Station
2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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Bettina von Zwehl @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

Bettina von Zwehl: Portraits
November 3 – December 30

Opening Reception: November 3 | 5 – 7 PM

“In today’s digital age of photography, with more and more artists printing billboard-sized prints, Bettina von Zwehl is among a growing number of practitioners looking to the past to create powerful, intimate portraits, in a 7 x 5” or smaller format. Portraits features several bodies of work which all address the formal portrait, presented in oval, round or arched frames. Von Zwehl taps into historical iconography, staging scenarios reminiscent of allegorical paintings.”

Catherine Edelman Gallery
300 W. Superior St.

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David Hilliard @ Schneider Gallery

David Hilliard: Regarding Others
November 3 – December 30

Opening Reception: November 3 | 5 – 7:30 PM

” For over twenty years David Hilliard has masterfully created photographic narratives, often exploring themes of familial relationships and identity, through a panoramic approach. In Regarding Others, selections from Hilliard’s career aim to bridge themes of youth, beauty, rites of passage, longing and aging that often saturate his evocative compositions. Hilliard references intimate moments often drawn from his personal life while simultaneously and skillfully allowing the work to remain universally understood. ”

Schneider Gallery
770 N. LaSalle Dr.

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Nicolò Sertorio @ Filter Space

Nicolò Sertorio: Once We Were Here
November 3 -25

Opening Reception and Gallery Talk: November 3 | 6 – 9 PM

“Presented as a hypothetical archeological study on the nature of co-existence, Sertorio’s series, Once We Were Here, presents the viewer with a world where humanity’s need for insatiable consumption has led it to the ultimate consumption: the consumption of the self. We are shown a world where the selfishness of humanity has disappeared yet nature remains in its solemnness. Nature has endured and overcome the weight of humanity’s selfish behaviors and we are reunited with nature’s beauty and mystery.”

Filter Space
1821 W. Hubbard St.
Suite 207
Chicago, IL

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Todd Walker at 100; Frank Gohlke, Speeding Trucks and Other Follies @ Etherton Gallery

Todd Walker: ©️The Todd Walker Image Trust, courtesy Etherton Gallery

Todd Walker at 100; Frank Gohlke, Speeding Trucks and Other Follies
November 18th, 2017-January 6, 2018.

Reception, 7-10pm, Saturday, November 18th, 2017

“Todd Walker was among the generation of West Coast photographers working in the 1960s who questioned the philosophical underpinnings of modernist photography as established by Beaumont Newhall and Ansel Adams. He was a great experimenter and innovator. He led the world of photography with his revival of 19th century photographic processes as well as early digital photography. He experimented with commercial printing processes — not unlike Warhol and Rauschenberg — but also made hand-made artist books based on Shakespeare’s sonnets and 17th century English literature. He also predicted the ascendance of digital photography and the decline of darkroom photography. Walker was invited to teach at the University of Arizona in 1977 and retired in 1985.

Frank Gohlke is a leading American landscape photographer, who was among the photographers included the seminal show, New Topographics. He is Professor Laureate at the University of Arizona, here in Tucson. Gohlke is best known for his quietly penetrating images of the American vernacular landscape — grain elevators (silos), trucks, campers, small town and suburban street scenes. We are debuting work that will be featured in his forthcoming Steidl publication, Speeding Trucks and Other Follies. Speeding Trucks brings together three bodies of work made very early in Gohlke’s career, 1971-72. We will also present a small installation of the grain elevator photographs.”

Etherton Gallery
135 South 6th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701

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Aaron Siskind @ Gitterman Gallery

Chicago #15, 1965

Aaron Siskind
November 16, 2017 – January 20, 2018

“The exceptional vintage prints in this exhibition are masterful examples of Aaron Siskind’s interest in exploring the inherent abstraction of the real world. With these works, Siskind simultaneously captured the bold, graphic qualities of his subject and their nuances of texture and tonality. The images appear both as powerful, gestural forms from a distance, and as rich topographies with minute details and subtlety up close. As abstract as they are, his photographs still possess a sincere, humanist quality. His subjects are often fragments of marks or forms created by others, traces of human existence. As such, the images function as meditations on what we leave behind: emotional, even spiritual records of the interconnectedness of all things. Siskind’s work has often been compared to that of the Abstract Expressionists, with whom he identified and even exhibited. The visual similarities between Aaron Siskind’s graphic photographs and the bold, gestural marks of Abstract Expressionist paintings is striking, but there are important differences as well. As photographs of actual things (walls with peeling paint, piles of rocks, etc), Siskind’s works introduce a tension between the real and the abstract that is absent from any painting.”

Gitterman Gallery
41 East 57th Street, Suite 1103
New York, NY 10022

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