2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition @ Somerset House

image: Germund Denmark

image: Germund Denmark

2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition
May 1 – 18 2014

In addition to the works by this year’s winning and finalist photographers, we are delighted to present a retrospective by Outstanding Contribution to Photography recipient Mary Ellen Mark and exclusive commissions for Sony’s Global Imaging Ambassadors Programme by William Klein and Panos Pictures photographers.

Somerset House, London

For tickets and more information: worldphoto.org/about-the-sony-world-photography-awards/2014-exhibition-ticket-sales/

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JOEL MEYEROWITZ @ Howard Greenberg Gallery

Joel Meyerowitz, Greece (MoMA title: Greece. Corfu), 1967 Gelatin silver print; printed c. 1967, 9 X 13 3/8 inches © Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Joel Meyerowitz, Greece (MoMA title: Greece. Corfu), 1967
Gelatin silver print; printed c. 1967, 9 X 13 3/8 inches
© Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

April 17 – May 31, 2014

Photographs from the Car
The 1968 MoMA Exhibition as Curated by John Szarkowski

New Still Lifes, 2012-2013

Howard Greenberg Gallery is located at 41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406, New York.

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Sami Nabeel & Martin Smith @ The Empty Quarter

Mrauk U -­ Myanmar, 2010 © Martin Smith

Mrauk U -­ Myanmar, 2010 © Martin Smith

Sami Nabeel & Martin Smith – Spirit of a Place
April 22nd – May 22nd, 2014

Opening reception Tuesday, April 22nd from 7pm-­10pm

A Place has no spirit. It is man’s spirit that is mirrored in the places he inhabits and the monuments he erects. The Empty Quarter Gallery is proud to be the first to exhibit the travelling body of work of two documentary photographers, Sami Nabeel & Martin Smith. The study of man’s spiritual beliefs as reflected in their places of worship from Islamic to Christian religions to Buddhist philosophy is the preoccupation of both artists as they travel the globe capturing the spiritual essence of each edifice with their lens.

The Empty Quarter
Gate Village, Bldg 02
P.O.BOX 506697
DIFC, Dubai, UAE

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Richard Renaldi @ Bonni Benrubi Gallery


Richard Renaldi – This Grand Show
April 17 – June 7, 2014

Opening reception with the artist – Thursday April 17, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Richard Renaldi’s new images are a meditation on the narrative power of pure landscape photography and a rereading of the American story inscribed across a damaged land. Inspired by the words of preservationist John Muir, who witnessed his absolute faith in America’s wilderness clash with the imperatives of the twentieth century, Renaldi’s new work occasions a present-day evaluation of Muir’s vision on the 100th anniversary of his death.

Bonni Benrubi Gallery
41 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

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Clarence John Laughlin Grant Exhibition @ New Orleans Photo Alliance


Clarence John Laughlin Grant Exhibition – Walker Pickering, AnnieLaurie Erickson and Saul Robbins
April 5 – May 25

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 5, 6-9 pm.
Artist Panel and Discussion: Saturday, May 10, 3 pm

New Orleans Photo Alliance
1111 St. Mary Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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Firooz Zahedi @ Kopeikin Gallery


Firooz Zahedi “Photographs and Collages”
April 26 – June 7, 2014

Kopeikin Gallery presents our first exhibition with Firooz Zahedi, an American Photographer born in Iran who lives in Los Angeles and is well known for many years spent as a Hollywood Glamor Photographer. This is NOT the work he will be exhibiting. For several years Firooz has been working simultaniously on several projects which have nothing or very little to do with his previous work. This is the first solo exhibition of Zahedi’s abstract photographs and collages (using his own photographs or vernacular source material). As Tim B Wride writes in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition; “Rare is the photographer who allows the sensibility that imbues one aspect of his output to organically infuse his work for the other. Rarer still is the photographer who can do it successfully. Firooz is that rare photographer.”

Kopeikin Gallery
2766 S La Cienega Blvd (at Washington)
Los Angeles, California 90034

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Kirill Savchenkov @ FotoDepartament


Kirill Savchenkov – Avalanche
29 March – 17 April 2014

The artist works in a subject of post soviet suburbs; he examines modern culture, psychology and experience of suburban. The artist analyses urbanism of suburbs, connections of city space and human mentality, visual stream in social networks and psychological perversions. He fixes the conditions of forming identification of inhabitant of post soviet cities and suburbs itself. The artist traces how modern post internet culture leads to reforming of connections between people in context of highly developed communications and domination of city population; how hierarchical connections of society yield to horizontal connections of communities and subcultures.

FotoDepartament / Vosstanya str., 24, space “Fligel”

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Look into it @ Gallery “Zamoskvorechye”

Julia Borissova / Saint-Petersburg

Julia Borissova / Saint-Petersburg

Look into it
19 March – 21 April 2014

Natalya Baluta / Moscow
Anastasia Bogomolova / Chelyabinsk
Julia Borissova / Saint-Petersburg
Aleksandr Verevkin / Saint-Petersburg
Nik Degtyarev / Moscow
Alla Mirovskaya / Moscow
Kirill Savchenkov / Moscow
Maria Sakirko / Moscow
Elena Churikova / Moscow
Fedor Shklyaruk / Moscow

Gallery “Zamoskvorechye”, Moscow, Serpukhovskiy val, d.24, k.2

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Book Review: Adam Geary’s We Burn

Adam Geary’s We Burn is introduced with these words: “The seemingly and insignificant details of ordinary life are brought into sharp focus … a set of images that helps us to redirect our thoughts and refocus on the way we live our lives.” This is quite something, I thought to myself, especially when you consider that Adam Geary’s images are characterised as “forever doomed to be about both everything and nothing.”

When leafing through the pages of We Burn I wasn’t always sure whether I was looking at photographs or at paintings or at drawings. Take the glasses here for example:


I’m not sure what to make of this. Is this an image “that helps us to redirect our thoughts and refocus on the way we live our lives?” It might of course be that way but I’m afraid I do not see how.

On the other hand, I know this to be a photograph because it can be found in a photobook. And, it does direct my view. Also, I kinda like what my eyes are showing me. At the same time I feel a bit at a loss what to think of it and all the other pics in this small booklet: a hanging lightbulb against a grey wall, a red plastic bucket … these are the ones that are easily identifiable, in other cases I’m left guessing. But as I’ve said: I’m sometimes not even sure that I’m looking at photographs.

Henry James proposed that we should ask of art: “What is the artist trying to do? Does he do it? Was it worth doing?” Applying these questions to We Burn, my answer is three times the same: I do not know.

AGLU says of itself that it produces “collectable little marvels that introduce well produced, intriguing portfolios at affordable prices.”  For more, go to www.aglu.co.uk

We Burn by Adam Geary : http://aglu.co.uk/index.php/books/adam-geary2013-06-04-21-15-24/we-burn-detail


Hans Durrer is an author and addiction counsellor based in Switzerland: http://www.hansdurrer.com/ ; http://12-step-addiction-treatment.blogspot.ch/





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After Ansel Adams @ Museum of Photographic Arts

Rock formations on the road to Lee's Ferry, AZ, 2008 © Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe Digital inkjet print Courtesy of the artists

Rock formations on the road to Lee’s Ferry, AZ, 2008
© Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe
Digital inkjet print
Courtesy of the artists

After Ansel Adams
May 17 – September 28, 2014

The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) wants to show you our National Parks. Anchored by Ansel Adams, arguably the most recognizable name in landscape photography, their upcoming exhibition, After Ansel Adams, features a number of his images plus photographs from nine other contemporary artists.

All the images in this exhibition were photographed in National Parks of the American West and the photographers bring a variety of styles and practices to landscape photography.

“While some of these artists are directly influenced by Ansel Adams, all of them are working in the landscapes Adams connected with on a deep emotional level,” stated Chantel Paul, Assistant Curator at MOPA. “The photographs in this exhibition are diverse in their ability to capture the essence of the natural beauty available in these spaces as well as convey ideas of emotion beyond a documentation of place.”

While the selection of images is centered around the familiar terrain of US National Parks, the work itself demonstrates the ability of the artist to create an image all their own. The similarities and differences in the featured photographs demonstrate that at the core of any great artistic work is a unique idea and vision.

“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.” – Ansel Adams

The featured photographers are:
Ansel Adams
Matthew Brandt
Bin Danh
Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe
Michael Lundgren
Chris McCaw
Takeshi Shikama
Millee Tibbs
Donna J. Wan

Museum of Photographic Arts

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