Henri Cartier-Bresson @ The Fine Art Society

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 16.17.19
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment’
6 – 29 October

The Fine Art Society
Bond Street lights switch on, 148 New Bond St, London W1S 2JT, United Kingdom

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Experimental Photography 1945 – 1950s @ L Parker Stephenson Photographs

Experimental Photography 1945 – 1950s
September 18 – November 28, 2015

During the period when a new consumerist culture, nurtured by unparalleled economic expansion, coexisted with Cold War anxieties, many American and European artists turned away from realism to focus inwardly. In their quests, the photographers among them took as source material the avant-garde work of their predecessors in the 1920s and 30s and further challenged, deconstructed and otherwise experimented with the unique nature of the medium. Through the exploration of light, paper, film, contrast and chemistry they played with forms to create surreal imagery, emphasize movement and speed, or make abstractions.

This expression of the psychological through the physical or gestural was echoed throughout many arts of the period (e.g. Abstract Expressionism) as was the deconstruction and questioning of the conventions of the media themselves (e.g. Beat poetry, free jazz). With respect to the latter, comparisons can inevitably be made with the current generation of artists experimenting with technology to create photo-based work.

L Parker Stephenson Photographs
764 Madison Avenue between 65th and 66th streets,

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Nadja Bournonville, Kerstin Hamilton, Erik Viklund @ FOTOHOF

Erik Viklund − Untitled #28 (From the series Stilla Hastighet) - 2012

Erik Viklund − Untitled #28 (From the series Stilla Hastighet) – 2012

Nadja Bournonville, Kerstin Hamilton, Erik Viklund
25th September – 14 November of 2015

Opening: 24th September 2015, 19:00 clock

The exhibition brings together three very different positions in each case a younger generation of Swedish photo artists, the scientific phenomena, Nadja Bournonville, concrete geopolitical topics, Kerstin Hamilton, but also very private worlds, Erik Viklund, treat.


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KAISU HÄKKÄNEN @ Northern Photographic Centre

KAISU HÄKKÄNEN: Mad Johnson was here

The series was born when Häkkänen read a name of a street wrong: Mads
Johnsen’s gate became Mad Johnson’s street. Ever since a man called Mad
Johnson has steered the artist along the North Cap and even further.
Häkkänen has shot the series on different sides of the Varang peninsula
between the years 2012-2013 and in the summer 2014 in Svalbard in Grumant
and Barentsburk. This summer she has spent another residency period in
Vadsø and finished the series.

Northern Photographic Centre
located in Oulu, in Northern Finland.

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Magnus Arrevad Exhibition in London

Magnus Arrevad: Boy Story
11 November – 8 December 2015

Danish-born Arrevad spent five years documenting the international, subterranean world of male performers, burlesque, go-go dancers, cabaret singers and porn stars. The journey would take him to New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen as well as County Sligo in Ireland and a trailer park in Tacoma. On his journey, he encountered performers such as Go- go Harder, EvilHateMonkey, The Luminous Pariah and a litany of others.

5 Willoughby Street, London WC1A 1JD

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Berenice Abbott @ Beetles+Huxley

Berenice Abbott, Manhattan Bridge Walkway, New York, c. 1936

Berenice Abbott, Manhattan Bridge Walkway, New York, c. 1936

Berenice Abbott
27 October – 21 November 2015

During a career spanning the best part of the twentieth century, Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) produced one of the most significant and varied bodies of photography ever made. Although widely regarded as one of the most important American documentary photographers, the exhibition at Beetles+Huxley this autumn will be the first career encompassing retrospective to be mounted in the UK. Stretching from her early celebrity portraits, through her famous ‘Changing New York’ project, to her ground-breaking science photography, the exhibition will bring Abbott’s genius to London.


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Lois Conner @ KMR Arts

from the "Out West" series

from the “Out West” series

Lois Conner
September 19 – November 14, 2015

KMR Arts
2 Titus Road
Washington Depot, CT

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Middle Eastern Talks @ The Empty Quarter

Migrating Home - 2015 Oman © Al Moutasim Al Maskery

Migrating Home – 2015 Oman © Al Moutasim Al Maskery

Middle Eastern Talks
September 15th– November 5th, 2015

Opening reception: September 15th from 7pm -10pm

The Empty Quarter gallery unveils its latest collection of hitherto unseen photographs, unknown places, and traditional stories emanating from the Middle East. These celebrated artists have travelled the region to bring us the most unique stories of a specific culture.


The Empty Quarter
Gate Village, Bldg 02
P.O.BOX 506697
DIFC, Dubai, UAE

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Illuminate 2015 @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

Cicada II © Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer

Cicada II © Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer

Illuminate 2015
December 4, 2015 – January 23, 2016

Reception: December 4, 2015

All Selected Artists | John Banasiak, Sheri Lynn Behr, Brenda Biondo,
Eleanor M. Brown, Shannon Bruns, Emiliano Cavicchi, Robert Cleveland, Anastasia Davis, Stefanie Dworkin, Carol Erb, Millie Falcaro, Diane Fenster,
Xill Fessenden, Dan Gemkow, Terri Gold, Marsha Guggenheim, Susan Guice, Ellen Jantzen, Leslie Jean-Bart, Diana Nichol Jeon, Priscilla Kanady, Devaprasad Kantharaj, Susan Keiser, Paul Kessel, Karen Kirkpatrick,
Karen Klinedinst, David Kressler, Melissa Lazuka, Vanessa Marsh, Kevin Mellis, Rebecca Moseman, Filippo Mutani, Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer, Judit Pap, George Pellissier, Donna Rosser, Maureen Ruddy-Burkhart, Erik Rudolph, Wendi Schneider, Aoife Shanahan, Monica Shulman, Jay Spilker,
Ayumi Tanaka, Ron A. Testa, Kathryn Van Aernum, Andre Viking, DB Waltrip, Guanyu Xu, Antonio Ysursa, Yelena Zhavoronkova, David Zlotky,
and Frank Zurey.

The Center for Fine Art Photography | 400 North College Ave. | Fort Collins | CO | 80524

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Dust: The plates of the present @ Baxter St at the Camera Club of NY

Dust: The plates of the present, February 2013 – July 2015
September 15th – October 17th

Opening: September 15, 2015 | 6 – 8 pm

The space was named Dust and the residency, The plates of the present. The project began in February 2013 with New York based artist G. William Webb. He completed a series of eight photograms, and as a result Fougeirol and Tang decided that each of the following participants would continue to produce eight photograms for the archive.

Baxter St at the Camera Club of NY | 126 Baxter Street | New York | NY | 10013

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