Last Samurai
September 9 – November 15

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography and Japan Camera Industry Institute are pleased to present an exhibition tracing the history of the first Japanese mission overseas that initiated transition of Japan from being an agrarian country to the one of the world-leading states. The Tokugawa Shogun diplomatic mission coincided with demise of the Edo period followed by the Meiji Restoration that phased out feudal class system, including samurai, upon their return to Japan. The exhibition will feature more than hundred photographs of the “last samurai” who spread knowledge of foreign countries and made an effort for the modernization of Japan.

3, bld 1, Bolotnaya emb
Moscow 119072

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Esther Bubley @ National Museum of Women in the Arts

Esther Bubley Up Front
Sept. 4, 2015–Jan. 17, 2016

Drawn from a recent donation to NMWA’s collection, this spotlight exhibition presents 27 prints by Esther Bubley (1921–1998). During America’s golden age of photojournalism, Bubley cast her discerning eye over a broad range of subjects including beauty pageants, boarding houses, schools, clinics and kitchens. Her immersive working process and compassion for her subjects yielded deeply insightful images that also subtly critique American culture on the eve of the Cold War and Civil Rights movement. She approached assignments with genuine curiosity, creating probing and enduring portrayals of ordinary lives.

Through her images, Bubley communicated the traditions and routines that shaped American life in the mid-20th century. She exercised great patience, spending time with her subjects to put them at ease and photographing them only after they stopped focusing on her camera.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C

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José Picayo @ Robin Rice Gallery

José Picayo
Sept 16 through November 1st, 2015

opening reception: Wednesday, September 16th, from 5:30 to 8:00pm.

In his new body of work, José Picayo explores the mystery of human perception and interaction. This exhibit is comprised of haunting paired portraits, one photograph of the back of a model’s head and another of the front. It’s human nature to see an incomplete image and mentally complete it, jumping to calculated assumptions based on previous experience. Picayo relates these photographs to his own experience walking in the streets of the city, imagining the front of the strangers he walks behind.

Robin Rice Gallery
325 W 11TH ST NY 10014

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The Photo Album of Ulster exhibition @ Gallery of Photography

unnamedThe Photo Album of Ulster exhibition
15 – 30 August 2015

What do our family photographs reveal about our lives? What do they conceal?

Photo albums give a fascinating insight into our private histories. They can reveal details about how people lived and worked that official historical records often overlook. The project looks at the role photography plays in constructing and commemorating our histories – viewed from the perspective of private individuals and families.

The Photo Album of Ulster is a Gallery of Photography archival research project inviting people from diverse communities across Ulster to digitally share their family albums and private photo collections. Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Reconciliation Fund, this emerging, democratic archive explores themes of identity, changing social conditions, emigration and effects of conflict – preserving this important cultural material for future generations.

Gallery of Photography
Meeting House Square,
Temple Bar,
Dublin 2.

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Bertrand Cavalier, Untitled, 2013

Bertrand Cavalier, Untitled, 2013



Aaron Blum (USA) | Alice Zoo (UK) | Ansley West Rivers (USA) | Arseni Khamzin (Canada) | Bertrand Cavalier (Belgium) | Cedric Dubus (France) | Christa Blackwood (USA) | Claire A. Warden (USA) | Clara Wildberger (Austria) | Daniel Ali (UK) | David Shannon-Lier (USA) | Feiyi Wen (UK) | Gabriela Margarita De Jesus (USA) | Han Shun Zhou (Singapore) | Ioana Cîrlig (Romania) | James Reeder (USA) | Jessica Labatte (USA) | Joachim Bøgedal (Sweden) | Julia Borissova (Russia) | Kyra Kennedy (USA) | Suan Lee (South Korea) | Mat Hay (UK) | Michael Jackson (UK) | Minho Kim (South Korea) | Ricardo Kump (Brazil) | Rylan Steele (USA) | Sarah Fuller (Canada) | Sebastian Reider (Austria) | Tom Wilkinson (UK) | Vittoria Mentasti (Italy)

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
560 Broadway Suite 603 | New York, NY 10012

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Abstract @ Filter Space

© Kerim Aytac

© Kerim Aytac

September 11 – October 22

Alejandro T. Acierto
Diego Acosta
Kalee Appleton
Kerim Aytac
Suzette Bulley
Ernie Button
Mike Callaghan
Joana P. Cardozo
Peter Croteau
Mark Havens
Kathleen Hawkes
Dave Jordano
Jennifer Kover
Rita Maas
Robert Moran
Jim Nickelson Bill Pielsticker
Simon Pyle
Kristin Reeves
Tealia Ellis Ritter
S. Gayle Stevens
Andrew K. Thompson
Nicole White
David Wolf
Ion Zupcu

Filter Space | 1821 W. Hubbard St., Ste. 207

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Elaine Ling @ photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space

photo-eye bookstore_Ling_Tree of Generations_Ling_Ling_#30
Elaine Ling: Baobab: Tree of Generations
through November 7th, 2015

photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space
541 South Guadalupe
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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The Queen’s People @ Eleven

Hugo Rittson: The Queen’s People
19th August to 19th September 2015

The Queen’s People is a compelling photographic portrait of the British monarchy and those who sustain it. The project offers an exclusive insight into the traditional dress codes and pageant of our nation – while also giving a captivating sense of the living characters behind the royal and ceremonial regalia. His most recent portrait of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall will be debuted in the exhibition.


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Common imaginary @ FotoDepartament

Nina Dudoladova

Nina Dudoladova

Common imaginary
26.06 – 31.08.2015

Participants: Anna Bashkirova / Yury Gudkov / Nina Dudoladova / Feodora Kaplan / Evgeny Litvinov / Yury Koryakovsky / Daria Pokrass / Anna Sopova / Olga Sukhareva / Natalia Fedorova / Denis Shulepov

Everything started when photography began to be observed as photography – as everyday photography, like an open phenomena. Behind the photography, made not by themselves, not belonging to themselves, or photography trying to hide itself, but the opposite, those demonstrating themselves to someone unknown, and in the end it isn’t important to whom; with tremendous force everything is merged into the ever-multiplying network. Our exhibition is about this convergence and the interconnected enchantment. The excesses, seized by accessible to the gaze space, overcome by individual possibilities of reception and acceptance, by the space of others – neighbors, strangers, anonymous people, by the world of things and desires – authors designate to themselves the game, more serious than which and complicated to present – define yourself across another game. Time and time again balancing between ‘we’ and ‘I’.

FotoDepartament, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Vosstaniya St. 24

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Nicola Jayne Maskrey @ Free Space Gallery

Nicola Jayne Maskrey Interpretations
17/8/15 – 9/10/15

Free Space Gallery
Kentish Town Health Centre
2 Bartholomew Road
London, Lnd NW5 2BX
United Kingdom

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