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Book Review: Through Darkness to Light by Jeanine Michna-Bales

They left during the middle of the night – oftentimes carrying little more than the knowledge that moss grows on the north side of trees. An estimated 100,000 slaves between 1830 and the end of The Civil War in 1865 chose to embark on this journey of untold hardships in search of freedom. They moved […]

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Interview with photographer Natalie Fay Green

Cary Benbow (CB): What compels you to make the images you create? Natalie Fay Green (NFG): I see the world differently when I’m using my camera. It slows me down, and I really observe my surroundings. I’m a mother of three small kids (ages 7, 5, and 2), and sometimes life flies by without me […]

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Book Review: Cowboys of the Americas by Luis Fabini

For more than a decade, photographer Luis Fabini immersed himself in cowboy culture as he traveled through North and South America. This stunning collection of photographs from those travels reveals the cowboy who lives in silence and solitude, the interconnectedness of these men with the land, and a traditional way of life that exists on […]

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Interview with photographer David Bert Joris Dhert

Cary Benbow (CB): Why did you become a photographer? How did you start in photography? David Bert Joris Dhert (DD): It must be my curiosity by nature that got me first into documentary film and later into photography. I have always been taking pictures, but I feel I really started making photographs only recently. The making of […]

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