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On Making and Publishing a Book, For Photographers – Part 2: Working with a publisher

WORKING WITH A PUBLISHER The advantages of working with a publisher are many. The most important benefit you gain by working with a publisher is credibility. Additional advantages of working with a publisher are less or no financial risk, distribution and warehousing services ( you don’t want a garage full of 5000 books and be […]

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On Making and Publishing a Book, For Photographers – Part 1

PASSION, PURPOSE and PERSEVERANCE “Passion and Purpose” – The credo put forth by Robert Frank as the necessary ingredients to creating successful and meaningful photography. In any endeavor it would be impossible to attain true success without Passion and Purpose. I would add to that another, “Perseverance”. Many photographers exhibit either passion, purpose or perseverance but […]

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The Bit Rot Project by featured photographer Valentino Bellini, text by G.Giannelli and G.Griziotti

  E-Waste is the new emerging pathology of the man-environment ecosystem, born during the current historic period characterized by capitalistic production. Electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) is the major flow of waste in the world, growing faster than any other type of waste. With an annual volume that goes between 40 and 50 million tons, […]

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Intermarried by Featured Photographer Yael Ben-Zion

4 years ago I’ve started working on Intermarried. This week the book is being released in Europe. What follows is the afterword I wrote for the book. Afterword Yael Ben-Zion (appeared first in Intermarried (Kehrer, 2013)) In 2007, I was a student at ICP and worked on The City Elders, a project about older people living […]

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“The Fine Line Between” by Barbara Diener

Garrett Baumer, Storage, 2012 For me photography has always been a way to make sense of the world around me, analyzing and dissecting it with my camera. Whether staged, found or often a combination of both, my photographs have always been influenced by a personal interpretation of my interests and experiences. The delicate tension between […]

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“Why Photograph Animals?” by Anne Berry

Wassily Kandinsky teaches that the artist has the ability to “realize the inner sound of things.” I listen for this sound when I photograph animals. People have lost an essential connection to the land and to animals. I photograph animals to strengthen this bond. The animal/human relationship is the cornerstone of my work, and the […]

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“Ralph Eugene Meatyard” by David Cory

Untitled, 1961. ©Estate of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco When the esteemed editor of F-Stop Magazine suggested writing about a favorite photographer in connection with the publication of my portfolio “Revolution,” I immediately thought of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Since I first learned about him during a portfolio review with Professor Jeff […]

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