Aaron McElroy

Aaron McElroy is a photographer Living in Brooklyn NY he graduated from New England School of Photography in 2007 and work has been shown at a number of Galleries and publications nationwide

I photograph the world around me, and the pictures inspire the theme. I strive for an anti-aesthetic, and my goal is to provoke thoughts and ideas, rather than produce a typically high quality image or a linear story . Black and white continues to be my mainstay, and it helps to induce the surreality of everyday existence in this series. Facilitated by the high contrast that comes with using harsh light and deep shadows .I found myself not interested in the moments, but in between moments. The subjects appear caught in a daydream, where time is felt rather than measured. Past and future become meaningless, and the infinite randomness within our routines is exposed.

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Issue #29 June - July 2008
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