Cristina Sáez | In the soil of the sensible

I took up photography after graduating in Psychology at the Universidad de Deusto (Spain) and moving to London in 2001.
In 2006 I completed an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths College (University of London), and in 2007 I won a Liz Chappell/Photofusion Bursary Award for the production of this body of work, resulting in my first solo exhibition at the Photofusion Gallery in April 2008.

My photography investigates the ways in which we identify and relate to our environment, with particular attention to the interplay between sensory experience, memory and myth in the perception of the landscape. 'In the soil of the sensible' explores the myth of the forest in Western imagination in relation to traditional notions of landscape, the picturesque and the sublime. In this series of large format images, which resonate with the memories of legends and fairy tales that nourish the myth, the fear of being alone and lost in the forest interplays with the attraction of the forbidden, the 'wild', and with a sense of wonder before nature.

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Issue #29 June - July 2008
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