Jeff Seltzer

Jeff Seltzer is a Los Angeles native, but has also lived and worked in London and Washington DC. He received his Bachelor of Arts (1992) and Master of Arts (1995) degrees from San Diego State University. Jeff earns his living in the market research/consulting industry in Los Angeles, but his true passion is photography.

I'm drawn to places and scenes that that might go otherwise unnoticed if not photographed. People are absent from most of my images which I hope inspires and invites viewers to create their own stories.My attempt is to unlock the quiet beauty of my subjects through strong compositions and use of lines and color. My images are about the intimacy of the seemingly insignificant and how what is in front of us often times is the only thing we see clearly. I believe it is my job as a photographer to find these scenes.Many people point out a strong geometrical component of the images – this makes sense given my formal education's emphasis on statistics and experimental design, i.e., "order."

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Issue #29 June - July 2008
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