There is a stretch of salty, marshy land along the Texas Gulf Coast that I have visited often since I was a child. Some of my most memorable experiences have taken shape there. Like the time when I was three years old and fell off a pier while fishing with my father. I remember slipping into the water as if it was yesterday, eyes wide open, going down, down, down, and thinking, "This is where I'm going to be now." It wasn't until many years later that I understood the meaning behind the thought. Or the time when I was 16, learning to surf. I felt larger than life, strong and fearless, and I thought I would live forever. This coastal area has shaped who I am, and left it's indelible impression. When I am there I have a profound sense of belonging, of being fully grounded. The land stretches out for miles and miles under endless sky, and the air is heavy with salt and heat. People are outside exploring, working, doing, being. And still, for all the earthly immediacy, there is a knowing of something much greater.

This body of work symbolizes this duality of physical attachment to a worldly place, alongside spiritual awareness of a greater realm. Maybe having such affinity for a place makes room for something more expansive. Something larger than life. Something that will live forever.

Tami Bone has been photographing her immediate world for over 16 years. She was initially drawn to photography from the time spent pouring over magazines, such as Life and Look, as a young child, although she did not seriously began studying photography until her early 30's. Since then she has worked diligently to learn the craft of photographing and printing, and has made numerous portraits of children as well as pursuing long lasting photographic projects. In the last few years she has grown to be more sure of her personal vision and has become focused on fine art photography. She now knows what she has to say with her work, and finds great joy in this expression. And interestingly enough, it speaks to the core of who she has been all of her life, someone who has a big love for ordinary beauty and everyday humanity, and who believes in the power of these to transform our world.

About the Prints
All images from this series are Cotton Rag PiezoTone Prints, signed, numbered and dated on the back. They are printed on Innova Photo Cotton Smooth Paper with PiezoTone Warm Carbon Inks.

For more information about these and other images, please contact Tami Bone at or visit

Issue #31 October - November 2008
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