Anna Chipman: Intimate Abstractions

Anna Chipman is a fine art photographer raised in Phoenix, Arizona she now lives in Alameda, California where she enjoys the cool air and vibrant colors of nature. She received her Masters degree in Photography (2009) from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It was in flowers that she found her way through the concrete maze of city life. The exploration of the body of the flower has given her a new perspective on the small details which are often overlooked.

"Intimate Abstractions" is a series of images that explore the inner beauty of flowers. Each photograph reveals provocative and hidden forms, buried deep within the flower. The images show a diverse mixture of color and texture within the forms. Using a shallow depth of field, the eye is led into and around the forms.  These images are about objects that you can find within our world. This portrayal of our universe lies within the flower, waiting to be discovered. Through photographing these abstractions I express my feelings of separation from nature, my isolation in the concrete maze of reality. Taking the time to closely view the intricate details such as the twist of the petals and rich colors draws me deep within their folds. This everyday object has had a profound impact on my life which gives me peace of mind and relaxes my soul. These images represent what one would only truly observe and appreciate in the nature.

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Issue #35 June - July 2009
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