Jeff Phillips  |  Crowdspotting
I am fascinated by the random and unpredictable behavior of people participating in public gatherings. I seek out natural stages: a crowded tourist attraction, a busy intersection, or a packed subway car. I look for stories that are being played out by separate groups of people who—absorbed in their own moment—are often completely unaware of their surroundings and of the contribution they are making to the larger scene. On occasion, Coincidence offers me an opportunity. If I'm paying attention, I'll capture it on film forever.


Jeff Phillips grew up in the Southwestern United States, in Arizona and Nevada. He studied photography informally throughout the 1980s and 90s, working as a darkroom technician, studio assistant and then as a photographer for several commercial photography studios in St. Louis, Missouri. Photographing for advertising and corporate clients, his subjects included people, products and architectural interiors. He later chose to concentrate his efforts only on his personal work. Jeff's photographs have been exhibited nationally and published internationally through a variety of media channels including books, newspapers, and magazines.

Jeff has lived in Chicago for the past ten years, where he continues to explore unconventional approaches to making photographs. By employing a wide-format camera that closely matches the field of human vision and by printing his photographs up to six feet wide, he transforms chaotic collections of human activity into frozen, unmoving fields that are ready for inspection by the viewer. The results are often humorous or surreal.

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