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Kayla Massey | Your Nurse Today Is...


The word sits on your tongue, lingering, heavy. It echoes in your head, over and over again. It makes your breath stop short and your heart tremble.
I was told all of the things that were supposed to comfort me; that there are ways to deal with and manage what was happening to me, that they caught it before it got to the stage where nothing could be done, that now they knew about it and knew to look for it in the future. But nothing could get that word out of my head. I let my mind wander, watching the lights in the world outside flicker on and off as the days went by, confined to my room where shadows never crept but rather the buzz of the lights always filled my ears. 

With a camera in hand, I was no longer simply the sick person lying in the bed; I was someone attempting to make something out of this new experience. Your Nurse Today Is… is a memoir of my journey through

sickness, surgery and recovery. With these images I invite the viewer to step into a world filled with misconceptions and assumptions and experience a glimpse of what your life could be like.


For more information, please contact Kayla Massey at:kay.m.massey@gmail.com
or visit:kaylamassey.com