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Matthew Dols  | Sentimentalist


People in my life are an amalgamation of every experience that I have ever had.  Childhood experiences, sense recognition, and expectations influence how I engage and view people I meet.

Expectations and dreams also influence how I engage with any moment in time. I will often act more demure around a potential lover then I will around an old friend because there is the potential for a romantic and intimate future with a possible lover that is not present with an old friend.

I recently dated a woman that only wanted to date me because she believed that she could make me into a rich and powerful person.  She expected me to want that because she wanted that for me, and those expectations for a possible future changed my vision of her at the present time.

This imagery takes the myriad of experiences and expectations and blends all of them together. A single image is created by layering hundreds of images of a single person in order to create a ‘sense’ of that person, and how they are in my life. Some of the images end up being representational, while others become more ethereal, which is illustrative of how I see all the people in my life.


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