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Anna Agoston — Untitled


My art is an attempt to express as accurately as possible what I feel while in the presence of my subject. In doing so I aim to expose its essence. I give my feelings form by studying my subject and emphasizing the defining lines, surfaces and texture. I emphasize these by using a macro lens, as well as by shooting in black and white. Both the macro lens and shooting in black and white have the power to divert from the subject as a whole and focus on those elements that I have determined relevant. The subjects of my pictures are living plant elements found in nature.

My art speaks for itself. I have no wish to impose my own thoughts on viewers, but rather I want them to see and feel things independently. For this reason my work is untitled. I believe that my work is outside time, since it represents the essence of its subjects and the subjects themselves are timeless.  The viewer’s response should be uninfluenced by contemporary culture or fashion. 

My art is abstract in that there is a departure from reality. I deliberately distill certain aspects of my subjects in an attempt to reveal what I feel are their essential characteristics. I believe this makes the interaction between viewer and subject more intense.

Anna Agoston is an award-winning contemporary artist whose medium is photography. A resident of Brooklyn, New York, Anna was born and raised in Paris, France. Always passionate about art, she qualified as an architect DPLG (government-certification) at the Ecole d'Architecture Paris Malaquais, and went on to earn the M.Arch.II degree in architecture at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. There, she studied fine art photography under Professor Jim Dow of the Department of Visual and Environmental studies, and photographed her first series, “Dorm.”

In October 2013, Anna made her lifelong passion, fine art photography her main professional occupation. Since January 2014, her work has been included in fourteen juried group exhibitions, in nine different states. One of her pictures is now a part of the Permanent Collection at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana. She has received an award, and have been published online several times. Her self- published book "Untitled Vol.1" was recently added to the library at the Museum of Modern Art.

Anna challenges the concept of aesthetics, by making art that is intended to invite contemplation. Her artwork consists of black-and-white macro photographs of living plant elements found in nature.

For more information, please contact Anna Agoston at: annaagoston@hotmail.com or visit: www.annaagoston.com