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Megan Magill —The Habit of Winning 


In The Habit of Winning I explore our cultures overwhelming preoccupation with winning as a goal in and of itself and the effects this has on our relationships to one another. To quote Vince Lombardi: “It is and has always been an American zeal to be first in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win”. But winning in sports and wining in life are two entirely different propositions. Winning in life requires that we pit ourselves against each other and sometimes even against ourselves. It seeps into our relationships in sometimes very subtle ways but the effects, I believe, are cumulative. I explore these issues through appropriated imagery from the past because I want to see how we got here. In the end I question why we want to ‘win’ at life when in the end life has very little to do with winning.

Megan Magill is an artist based in Chicago and Maine. She is currently an MFA student at Maine Media College with an anticipated graduation date of November 2016. Her work has been featured on F-Stop Magazine, Streithouse Space, Float Magazine and the Curated Fridge.

For more information, please contact Megan Magill at: contactmeganmagill@gmail.com or visit: www.megan-magill.com
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