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Szymon Barylski —Fleeing Death


The refugee camp in Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border, to which thousands of immigrants, mainly Syrians, are coming. It is occupied by people from different social strata. They are all found there fleeing the war, death and starvation. They continue their journey through Macedonia to the north and west of Europe. Not everyone manages to pass the verification of the documents, which leads to the separation of families. The refugees are living in difficult conditions and sleeping in overcrowded and soaked tents. They are frozen and have limited access to sanitation. The refugees are exhausted, tired and uncertain about their situation.

Szymon Barylski Polish Photographer born in 1984. He has been published, among others, The Irish Times, National Geographic Poland, The Eye of Photography, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Burn Magazine, Practical Photography, Hashtag Photography Magazine, Dodho magazine, Apogee Photo Magazine.

I am a freelancer based in Ireland. Photography is my passion, which I continually develop. I am involved in documentary photography and photo essays. For me, photographing is a tool for exploring and learning about the world. I try to tell a story and show it directly. In my opinion, people are an inexhaustible topic and a source of inspiration. When travelling, I meet people; as a result I create the image of my relation with them. The exploration of the environment where I take photos allows me to create emotional and convincing scenes. I think you cannot photograph the things you do not know well. That is why I prepare myself for each project individually, accurately, going into detail in the newspapers and on the Internet. Next I look for an inspiration in other photographers' photos and conversations, as a result I can create real pictures. My own narrative presented in my photos is at the same time very personal and common. I think that a lot of people can identify themselves with my works. I wish my photos could increase individual and collective awareness about the social, political and economic need and urge people to act, be part of positive changes.

For more information, please contact Szymon Barylski at: barylski.szymon@gmail.com or visit: www.szymonbarylski.com
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