iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs @ Lunch Box Gallery

It’s undeniable: iPhoneography, understood as the creative process of taking and editing pictures with the Apple’s iPhone, is everywhere; and nowadays, there are more and more people recognizing this device as a valid camera within the Photography art form. Regardless if it can be accepted as an outlet for the artist or more of a user-oriented medium, mobile photography has become one of the most democratic activities of image-taking. For this show, The Lunch Box Gallery is aiming to explore the social phenomenon of iPhoneography as a personal tool globally used to generate visual content, be shared and therefore, communicate. Here, the images many times meticulously conceived, some others more intuitively taken – yet all intentionally post-produced – are intended as narrative mirrors of the user’s everyday life; a visual diary of the individual that can become an open book to their interests, curiosities, ideas, intimacy or even artistic take.

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