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Jacques Maudy @ Queensland Centre for Photography

Cuba 2012: Pain That Doesn’t Kill You Doesn’t Last Forever

Exhibition: May 5 – June 3, 2012

Jacques Maudy is a Brisbane based photographer and a native Spanish speaker. He recently spent three weeks in Cuba documenting the radical changes that are taking place both socially and economically.

Raul Castro’s project is to change Cuba from a 100% state run economy to a model like China where people are allowed to prosper but are controlled with a tight political fist. The government plans to shift 1.3 million workers – that is approximately 25% of the active population – from state employment to the private economy within a single year in a country where private enterprises and the entrepreneurship culture do not yet exist.

The changes are already being implemented but the Cuban people are not yet aware of the scope of the shift. A massive program of training in accounting is underway in every town. The official discourse is still “we will never give up our revolutionary principals” when in fact Fidel Castro’s dream of the New Man has failed and will die with him.



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