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Anna Fox Resort I

 Anna Fox’s documentary of contemporary British holiday culture, Resort I, gives us insight into a cultural phenomenon that has 75 years worth of history.  Fox’s documentation of Butlin’s resort, in the seaside community of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, assures us that the thriving seaside resorts whose heyday was in the 1970’s are alive and well in British culture today.  Taken over a 2-year period of time, Fox was able to document the absurdities and ironies of this unique microcosm.  Her somewhat comedic narrative also provides the viewer with a sense of continuity to the past.

Fox’s ability to story-tell provides a unique point of view. While acting primarily as a documentary photographer, her own experiences as a youth visiting Butlin’s , infiltrates her images by adding a sense of mystery. With a 4×5 camera, a lighting system, and assistants, Fox is eager to preserve the documentary spirit and succeeds in recording the magic that is still permeates throughout this popular vacation spot.

Resort I is a brief look into a unique subculture whose character is alive and well in contemporary society.  Fox succeeds in preserving the documentary style of photographing while using highly theatrical sets and super saturated colors—a feat that is not easy to do.  Her stunning images capture the awkward nature of people naturally interacting with one another in a space that reeks of artificiality.


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