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“Why Photograph Animals?” by Anne Berry

Wassily Kandinsky teaches that the artist has the ability to “realize the inner sound of things.” I listen for this sound when I photograph animals. People have lost an essential connection to the land and to animals. I photograph animals to strengthen this bond. The animal/human relationship is the cornerstone of my work, and the magic of it inspires me to photograph animals. I hope that by looking at my photographs the viewer will hear the inner melody of the animal, and the lyrics will ask the viewer to consider the animal’s place in the world, to do as Franz Marc instructs, to “contemplate the soul of the animal to divine its way of sight.“

These photographs are a gift from the animals. I feel both gratitude and responsibility, and I try to help in concrete ways. I assist animal non-profits in three ways: by making photo books for them to use as they wish, by licensing images at no cost, and by producing awareness raising gallery exhibits and blog essays. I am in the final stages of producing a book of photographs from my Behind Glass series. The proceeds from the book will benefit an organization that helps primates. Choosing this organization is part of my current task.

Past Projects:

Brown Bear at Ouwehands ©anneberry

Brown Bear at Ouwehands

Bear Forest at Ouwehands in Rhenen The Netherlands is the first bear shelter in Europe. It provides a sanctuary for brown bears saved from circuses and entertainment as dancing bears.

Young Baboon at Kommetjie ©anneberry

Young Baboon at Kommetjie

Baboon Matters in Cape Town, South Africa, attempts to raise awareness for the plight of the baboons and to find sustainable solutions for shared habitat.

Sunbath ©anneberry


Kangaroo Conservation Center in Dawsonville, GA has the largest Kangaroo collection outside of Australia. They protect the kangaroo population through captive breeding and through education of the public as to why kangaroos must be conserved for the future.

Donkey on Oak Road ©anneberry

Donkey on Oak Road

Ossabaw Island Foundation in GA manages educational, cultural, and scientific programs designed to maximize the experience of Ossabaw Island while minimizing the impact on its resources.

Kitoto, Wuppertal, Germany ©anneberry

Kitoto, Wuppertal, Germany


Proposed Future Project:

Chimp Haven in Keithville, LA was established in 1995 as a sanctuary for chimpanzees retired from the entertainment industry and research facilities. It provides them with a spacious forested habitat. Chimp Haven is currently expanding to accommodate the influx of hundreds of chimps retiring from NIH facilities.


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7 responses to ““Why Photograph Animals?” by Anne Berry”

  1. Sally Hensley says:

    Wonderful, Anne!

  2. Daly Lee says:

    I love it! Love your passion and talent behind the lens. Keep showing us more.

  3. Beth Marchman says:

    I have always admired your calm and natural “whispery” when photographing your animals. Love it and Love you!

  4. Marion E.Jarrell says:

    My pride and Love for you and what you have accomplished knows no bounds!!

  5. Glenn Fulwiler says:

    Awesome, Annie! Your talent continues to amaze me!

  6. Frank Marchman says:

    When I see your “faces” I see the their souls speaking back to us. I also think of Atlanta’s gorilla Willie B who one day got some freedom from a concrete prison due to the efforts of people like you. Great work and thank you!

  7. Sue Berry McMurray says:

    These wonderful pictures and comments are very moving. Just saw movie, Blackfish, about mistreatment of the orcas. We have kinship with animals!

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