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Firooz Zahedi @ Kopeikin Gallery


Firooz Zahedi “Photographs and Collages”
April 26 – June 7, 2014

Kopeikin Gallery presents our first exhibition with Firooz Zahedi, an American Photographer born in Iran who lives in Los Angeles and is well known for many years spent as a Hollywood Glamor Photographer. This is NOT the work he will be exhibiting. For several years Firooz has been working simultaniously on several projects which have nothing or very little to do with his previous work. This is the first solo exhibition of Zahedi’s abstract photographs and collages (using his own photographs or vernacular source material). As Tim B Wride writes in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition; “Rare is the photographer who allows the sensibility that imbues one aspect of his output to organically infuse his work for the other. Rarer still is the photographer who can do it successfully. Firooz is that rare photographer.”

Kopeikin Gallery
2766 S La Cienega Blvd (at Washington)
Los Angeles, California 90034

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