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Todd Squires @ Baang and Burne Contemporary

Fade to White
Sept 18th – Oct 16th.

Fade to White, a special exhibit of Instagram photography by Todd Squires.

With the Internet of Things as a spring board and music being the constant muse, Fade to White borrows its title from Metallica’s famous song, “Fade to Black,” except Squire’s photography celebrates the often overlooked details of the everyday; the fading footsteps of his dog Sonny as he paddles away, the white hose bonding with the white brick behind it; Squires starts from a social digital platform and turning it into art in the traditional sense — tangible, ready to add a little bit more white to the white walls.

Baang and Burne Contemporary
615 W 172nd ST
New York, New York 10032

Location: New York, New York City, United States Type:

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