Emmanuel Coupe Kalomiris @ The Athens House of Photography

unnamed Emmanuel Coupe Kalomiris: FIRE AND ICE
The exhibit will last until April 29th.

opening will take place on Wednesday March 18th 2015, 20:00

This collection of prints presented at AHOP belongs to a series of projects captured in Iceland and Greenland. I travelled across this isolated and often inhospitable land of Iceland initially for a two month period in late autumn, followed with a subsequent trip 6 months later. I captured photographs from the remote inner Highlands and the black volcanic deserts to the massive waterfalls and rugged coastlines. During my visits in Iceland I worked almost simultaneously several projects that reflected my varying visions of this land. This resulted in an aerial series of the river systems of Iceland, a color series as well as a black and white series with a minimalistic approach. In my recent visit to Greenland I hired a private boat and that is how I captured most of photographs, allowing me to maneuver amongst icebergs freely with light and composition only setting the course. The Polar Regions and in particular Greenland have gathered much attention for the environmental impact they represent for the entire world and rightly so. Baring witness up-close to the giant icebergs can be an overwhelming experience and one I will not likely forget; at the same time the feelings at times were overwhelming, conflicting with my task at hand which was to pursue my photographic vision. The ever changing scenery, unlike any other place on earth, drew a parallel in my mind to the ever changing nature of human life that is constantly moving and changing. These subtle nuances became the backbone to my compositions and overall approach to the intense subject matter, resulting in a trilogy as well as couple more projects that are ongoing. From Greenland I will be presenting prints from the first part of the trilogy called “Mountains of Ice” as well as portions from another series titled “69th Parallel North”.

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Kifisia Athens (Greece)

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