David Drew Zingg @ Instituto Moreira Salles

David Drew Zingg exposure: image on Image
April 15 to August 9

The exhibition brings together photographs of posters, signs, images and ads in the midst of buildings, streets and people. Images taken over time, and not always linked to the work that was commissioned as a photographer. For at least two decades, Zingg hunted this iconography in Brazil and abroad, in rural areas and in urban centers. Removing writings and figures of context, these pictures show some pop dimension, fundamental component of this part of the work of David Zingg. His imagery force is exactly what is not assumed to be an icon. Signs of times and from different sources, meeting on the images of the photographer, advertise and communicate their messages simultaneously. A picture on the wall says something about a sign up, that belies the inscription on the side. Thus, in one of the photos in a facade of green tiles, we see a door in Gothic church warhead format next to a painting to imitate the photo announcement of Brahma Chopp. In the same house, the place is described as drugstore, restaurant and hotel. And the place is indeed all that, and something else that can not be well expressed by subtitles.

Instituto Moreira Salles Sao Paulo

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