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IONE LAMEIRO, FRANCISCO LLOP, and ESTER PEGUEROLES @ camara oscura galeria de arte

Francisco Llop_El río_camara oscuraIONE LAMEIRO, FRANCISCO LLOP, and ESTER PEGUEROLES
“Private documents”
13 November – 26 December 2015

From the mid nineties photography reached a status, as an artistic medium, comparable to other canonical media and subsequently today our students enjoy far advantageous conditions to disseminate their work than in the past. Having analyzed the current situation and the experiences from previous years, the board of directors of the master has undertaken the task to develop a serious and consistent challenge aiming to generate platforms to promote the most interesting and rigorous works by our students, and to make real one of our institutional commitments: to do our best to make their projects acquire the visibility that they deserve and successfully insert them in the hard and complex world of art. For that reason, we require that they approach their projects with a high-quality conceptualization as well as a suitable execution, meaning the optimal finish of their photographs and the professionalism of their mountings and framings.

camara oscura galeria de arte

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