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Jeffrey Dell, Andrew Fillmore and Leah Mackin @ The Print Center

Andrew Fillmore, Bathroom Apples, 2015

Andrew Fillmore, Bathroom Apples, 2015

Jeffrey Dell: Sightings
Andrew Fillmore: This Time is Always the Present
Leah Mackin: Portable Document
May 6 – August 6, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 5, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Gallery Talk: Thursday, May 5, 5:30pm

Jeffrey Dell: Sightings
The prints in Jeffrey Dell’s exhibition, which depict sheets of curled and folded paper, are deceptively simple. In his screenprints, colors shift and flux, challenging our perceptual abilities. “I am interested,” says Dell, “in how basic human desires cooperate with facilities of perception. I am trying to make an image that is seductive, but where the very thing that seduces us also deceives.”

Andrew Fillmore: This Time is Always the Present
The photographs in Andrew Fillmore’s exhibition are still lifes and portraits, all of which depict the objects and scenarios most immediate to his everyday life. Fillmore says he is concerned with “the idea that within the simplicity of these moments, a balance of fragments and associations might disclose the psychological threads of my experience in the present.”

Leah Mackin: Portable Document
Leah Mackin’s exhibition Portable Document is composed of images, based on digital photographs, of historical material available online. Mackin responds to the digital surrogate of the scrapbook, examining the handling of and relationship with archival materials as physical objects. In this show, work from Mackin’s ongoing investigation of materials, both physically and intellectually, include printed works on paper and sculpture that reflect on her interaction with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (the institution that holds The Print Center’s Archives).

The Print Center
1614 Latimer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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