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World Pinhole day 2016 – April 24, 2016

Image: Gregg Kemp "Moon setting over Jockeys Ridge"

Image: Gregg Kemp “Moon setting over Jockeys Ridge”

World Pinhole day 2016
April 24, 2016

2400 years since the birth of Aristotle thousands of people around the world are busy preparing for this upcoming major global festival.

It will be the traditional last Sunday in April; April 24, 2016. Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on Pinhole Day, can scan the image and upload it to the www.pinholeday.org website where it will become part of the Web’s premier gallery of lensless photography.

Last year, 3,450 participants from 68 countries contributed images to the WPPD 2015 Gallery. (pinholeday.org/gallery/2015/) Over 200 events – workshops, exhibits, lectures, etc. – were held throughout the world. All of these events were organized locally by volunteers.

This year our event is dedicated to Gregg Kemp, one of the founding members and website developer for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Gregg passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. Through his work with WPPD and his Pinhole Visions website and email discussion list, Gregg was a pioneer in bringing pinhole photographers together on the internet.

If you don’t have this celebration marked on your calendar please do it soon! Join the world in this joyous celebration of simple photography.
See the www.pinholeday.org web site for more information. We are also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PinholeDay
–WPPD 2016 Coordinating Team

Image: Gregg Kemp - "Jane always dreaded flying home"

Image: Gregg Kemp – “Jane always dreaded flying home”

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