Gian Paul Lozza @ Francesca Maffeo Gallery

Satelitte Dish I’ from the series ‘Somnium’ © Gian Paul Lozza

Gian Paul Lozza: Somnium
Saturday 3rd February – Saturday 17th March 2018

“Lozza’s series is an attempt at a typology. So there are no living creatures to be seen in the photographs, nor is there the slightest sign of any active movement. The pictures are mute, silent and frozen in the subdued nocturnal low-light. And yet they reveal some traces of civilisation: a faintly lit window in a backyard (‘Backyard’), two barrels on a platform (‘Barrels’), a visitor’s ramp on the glacier tongue (‘Glacier’), a stratified pile of dead wood at the edge of a forest (‘Wood Pile’). ”

Francesca Maffeo Gallery
No 284 Leigh Road Leigh on Sea – Essex – SS9 1BW

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