New Landscape @ Boris Yeltsin Center

Alexander Gronsky, Less than One

New Landscape
March 16th through May 27th, 2018

Artists: Alexander Gronsky, Anastasia Tsayder, Liza Faktor, Max Sher, Petr Antonov, Sergey Novikov, Valeri Nistratov.
Curated by Anastasia Tsayder and Petr Antonov.

“Group exhibition New Landscape features seven photography projects exploring the landscape as a means to reflect on the new post-Soviet culture. Observing how the man-made landscape is reshaped by the transition from the industrial to the post-industrial, the works show how these changes are further augmented by the transition from the planned economy to the free market, from the Soviet to the post-Soviet. Brought together the works create a portrayal of what may be a transformation of a landscape and a culture unprecedented in scale and pace.”

Boris Yeltsin Center
Boris Yeltsin str. 3
Ekaterinburg, Russia

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